10 Gaming Myths You Are Probably Not Aware Of

The internet is full of urban legends, and the gaming part of the web isn’t far from it. Different myths surround various games from over the years that even today are doubted to be true. Nobody knows who start these myths, but once it is out, it reaches everywhere. People even use a lot of time to prove the myths to be right or wrong.

Today, we are listing the ten gaming myths you probably are not aware of. It would be difficult to find these games as some of them are quite old. But you can try your luck searching them on various websites.

10 Gaming Myths

1. The Myth of Lavender Town

This myth is probably the creepiest gaming myths that has come around. It was 1996 when Pokémon Red and Green came to Gameboy. The game was said to induce suicide among the children below the age of 12. There was a rise in the children suicide rate or of them getting sick in Japan, once the game was introduced there. The main reason of it was rumored to be the background music played on reaching the Lavender Town. The music according to the people who play it, was sickening. When the game was introduced abroad, the original music was removed.

2. Playstation 2 and Saddam Hussein

In the year 2000, there was news that caught the attention of the people that Saddam Hussein was gathering several PS2s to build a super machine to carry out military operations. As foolish as it may sound, the news was all over the media and was hyped too. PlayStation 2 that time was banned in China too. On the other hand, there were jokes about it all over the internet about it and the news was ridiculed.

3. Minecraft’s Herobrine

This mysterious character of Minecraft is said to be a glitch. It is a weird looking, non-participating character of Minecraft which was claimed to be haunting the depths of Minecraft. There were rumors that the game’s creator had a dead brother who used the tag of Herobrine to play the game. The creator of Twitter denied this rumor.

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4. Future Prediction by Fallout 3

This post-apocalypse game was rumored to be predicting the future. A part of the game involved listening to the radio signals which would play songs and old news. Allegedly, the players found that it plays a random series of numbers which seemed like Morse code. People say that the Morse code of the game predicted the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

5. No Clothes Code for Lara Croft

During the years of Tomb Raider, there were myths that a secret code existed that could get Lara Croft in the game naked. Naturally, the requests for the code were all over the internet and later on it was officially stated by the Game creators that no such code existed.

6. Super Mario 64 

There was a myth among the gamers who played Super Mario 64 that if you could somehow find your way to the top of the castle, then you could be provided an option of playing as Yoshi. That looked fake right away, but the gamers spent their hours trying to reach the top to prove the myth wrong.

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7. EA Sports and NFL Injuries

Subsequent to each release of Madden NFL by EA Sports, the player featuring in the cover was found to be injured in the early 2000s. Coincidence, or anything else, people automatically started assuming that the players starring in the game would get injured and this happened quite a number of times too.

8. Polybius Myth

Polybius has some ugly gaming myths attached to it. It is said that the game was made available to only a few arcades and the ones who played it suffered from serious consequences. The rumors are that people playing this game experienced loss of memory and had night terrors. The game is nowhere to be found these days.

9. Doc Mitchell of Fallout

When you start playing Fallout, you can find the character of Doc Mitchell who can be seen to rotate his head to a full 360 degree while explaining you the story. That was probably a glitch or a low-quality design, but it was enough to induce the nightmares among kids playing the game.

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10. The Killswitch Rumor

Killswitch was rumored to be a game created by a Soviet company. The game was built in the year 1989 and was said to be produced with limited copies only. The game mysteriously deleted the data of itself after you complete the game. A copy of the game was sold on the internet for $733,000.

So, these are the gaming myths that you probably didn’t hear about yet. If you got any urban legends, feel free to share it with us in the comments.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to innovation and future technologies but the passion keeps him in this field.


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