2019 Event Marketing Tips You Need to Hear About

With every new year come new trends that shape up the world. It’s like that in every aspect of life. Major smartphone companies release new devices and further innovate the game, car companies do that too, every industry changes at least a little bit. The same can be said for marketing. This industry is one of the ‘most populous’ out there and there’s no surprise that every so often we see new things, tricks and strategies when it comes to digital marketing, event marketing, and other ‘forms’ of marketing. That’s why it would be good for you to take a look below and see what tips you could use to anticipate the changes on time. Because event marketing is picking up the pace like never before.

Think about involving influencers if you already haven’t

It is fair to say that influencer marketing officially became a thing recently. More and more popular people that have armies of followers can play an important role for your business. Some would even go so far as to say that social media influencers are soon going to become the most lucrative channels to drive attendance! Therefore, you need to research local influencers whenever you get your event’s theme or topic. Invite them, win them over, make sure that they come to your event and you’ll feel the consequences, you’ll see how well it will pay off. And do know that you have influencers both on Instagram and LinkedIn. There are some serious assets of the ‘influencer marketing game’ in the world of business, too.

Careful with the venues

Back in the day choosing a venue for your event was never an issue. People didn’t pay much attention to that. However, nowadays, it matters. The selection of your event venue plays an important role since people are bored of the same old usual places. Meeting rooms, conference halls and similar places aren’t what people want anymore. Well, unless you are Apple and you have that super awesome masterpiece of a building in Cupertino. If that’s the case with your business, you have nothing to worry about. However, the vast majority of people need to be creative and look outside of the company headquarters. So, pick a theme/topic and then see what venue will fit your needs best. For example, London’s newest craze are the ‘secret’ underground bars. There you can have all the peace and quiet you want and it’s far from the eyes of public. On top of that all, they look really cool. You’ll probably find this tip in more popular event marketing guides since it turns out to be really good. People can get bored easily if you invite them to a boring venue. You don’t want that.

Attendee is what’s most important

Events are organized for your attendees. Make sure that you learn this by heart. According to many great marketers, attendee satisfaction is what needs to be your top priority. Attendee satisfaction is a direct indicator of event success! The experience they get needs to be great if you want to make new contacts, close deals and become recognized in your industry. From the whole start (sending invitations) throughout the event itself and after the event. You need to plan out every moment if you want to satisfy them. Also, check some customer relationship management tools if you haven’t. They are really helpful.

Customer Data

Review your 2018. See what you could have done better, figure out where you can improve. Also, if that’s possible, send your 2018 a quick customer satisfaction survey. Ask them what they think of your performance. Analyze what your attendees liked and what they found little less satisfying. Take a look at how many tickets you’ve sold, look at the revenue, those figures can help you get a better understanding of where you can and need to improve. If you spot a declining trend on that chart, it may be time to sit down and think deeply about what you could do better.

Introduce chatbots

Get yourself familiar with chatbot technology and make sure that you get them to manage common customer issues. You don’t have to answer everything yourself. Let a chatbot do it instead. Facebook, for example, offers free chatbots that have automated responses to the common questions your audience has. Those usually deal with prices, operating hours, etc. Therefore, make your life easier and involve technology as much as you can. You’ll have more time for event planning that way.


Always check new trends and see what you can take from them. Remember, if you sleep on new things, your rivals won’t make that mistake. You can rest assured of that.

Sean Lockwood
Sean Lockwoodhttps://www.extremesportslab.com/
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