7 Things to Know Before Buying the Samsung Galaxy S9

If you have been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S9 to come out for a long time then know that the wait is over and this amazing shiny flagship of Samsung is out now. Before digging deep with the features, tips, and tricks of Samsung Galaxy S9, let’s tell you a bit about this handset and the response it is getting from the users.

The reviews of people regarding this handset are amazing and people are loving it how Samsung has introduced more subtle enhancements while maintaining the feel and look of the prior model.

Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S9

Moreover, if you’ve already used Samsung Galaxy 8 then know that you won’t feel any dramatic change in Galaxy 9, however, there are a few things in this model that will improve your overall experience and usage.

In a nutshell, Samsung Galaxy 9 is one interesting phone and today we are here with a few interesting facts that you should know before buying the phenomenal handset.

So, folks take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article can genuinely be very useful for all the Samsung lovers out there.

1- It Comes with Dual Aperture Lens

Yes, you read it right, S9 has taken the market by storm for its outstanding camera quality.

People are saying that it is one of the best cameras in the market and the reason behind it is that its rear camera has two aperture lenses that automatically switch and adjust themselves as per the lighting around.

aperture lens
Dual Aperture Lens

For example, when it is all dark outside, then the F1.5 aperture lens allows all the light to come in so that the picture taken is bright.

On the other hand when it is light outside, then the F2.4 aperture lens allows a very little light inside so that the picture won’t turn out to be very bright.

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2- Super Slo-Mo

We just mentioned that S9 is taken the market by storm due to its camera quality, well, we were right because not only the camera quality of it is outstanding in fact the features are also no less than impressive.

Super Slo-Mo
Super Slo-Mo

With S9 you can now shot some super slo-mo videos at 960 frames per second. The videos can be recorded in HD resolution too and you can easily take 20 shots per video.

Moreover, you can even convert those slow-motion videos into GIFs and then send them to your friends to have fun.

3– Augmented Reality Emojis

The coolest and the most amazing feature of Galaxy S9 is that with it you get to have some augmented reality emojis.

Augmented Reality Emojis
Augmented Reality Emojis

You can customize your own emojis and then those emojis will automatically be inserted into 18 different stickers.

Like, how cool is that? Moreover, with S9 you will be able to record videos of those emojis while dancing and talking.

4- Translate Foreign Text

We are pretty sure that you haven’t heard of this feature yet but guess what? The Samsung Galaxy 9 comes with the translation feature too that can be an amazing thing for someone who has to travel around the world.

All you have to do is to open your camera and then hover it over the menu or the page that you want to translate into your desired language.

Translate Foreign Text
Translate Foreign Text

For this you have to login into your Samsung account and accept the terms and conditions, once done, you then will be able to use your translator anywhere in the world.

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5- You Can Now Maximize The Pixel Power

If you are someone who loves to watch Netflix and Youtube in extraordinary resolution then congratulation because this is now possible with S9.

All you have to do is to head straight to the settings of your phone, then go to the display and then enter the option that says “resolution”, there you have to run it on WQHD+ and you will see the results for yourself.

Pixel Power
Pixel Power

However, if you don’t want your battery percentage to fall down quickly then obviously you can set the setting on default HD+ resolution.

6- Surround Sound Stereo Speakers

If you haven’t heard of this before then we will tell you that last year Samsung took over the Harman International Industries and the result of this acquisition can now be seen in the Galaxy S9.

The speakers have been improved to a whole another level and honestly, it has some seriously amazing speakers that will give you a theatre like audio experience.

Speakers in Samsung Galaxy S9
Sound Stereo Speakers

You can imagine the power of the speakers by this that S9 comes with surround sound stereo speakers that are 1.4 times more powerful than the previous Galaxy phones of Samsung.

7- Use Facial Recognition

Technology has taken over the world and one of the major examples of it is the facial recognition feature of S9.

You see gone are the days when you had to put long passcodes on your phone in order to have maximum security. Now it is that time when your phone will scan your face and then unlock your phone.

Facial Recognition.
Facial Recognition

This feature is known as the facial recognition feature and this is the maximum level of security of your phone. Luckily, with S9 you get to avail this feature free of cost and above everything, it is easier and smarter with the Galaxy 9.

The Punch Line

These are a few things that should be at your fingertips if you are about to buy this amazing handset. According to Ten besties, Samsung Galaxy S9 is ranked at no 3 in the world for its amazing and High-Quality camera.

This is it for today, stay connected and keep reading because we’ve got a lot more interesting things to talk about.

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