Top 9 Crucial Aspects to Consider as you Hire an Android App Developer

With the increased usage of smartphones, mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives. They have secured an immensely special place among the mobile users nowadays and are the reason behind the noteworthy growth in business revenues and customer interaction. Today B2B apps enjoy the same level of prominence as attained by B2C mobile apps. In fact most businesses these days have employee-centric mobile apps as well, along with customer-centric mobile apps.

A recent study by Criteria states that in the U.S. mobile retail transactions will be reaching 33% and 40% globally, by the end of 2015. In USA mobile transactions have increased by 10% in the last quarter, the report states. Even the search engines namely Bing and Google plan to launch search models which are crucial for enhancing engagement with mobile app content.

To ensure the best possible usage of mobile devices user-centric applications are needed to be designed and implemented. Employing a team of professional mobile app developers for app designing and development is ideal for business professionals may not have knowledge time and skills to create a wonderful mobile application.

Hire mobile app developers who are brilliant enough to add value to your business and maximize revenues as well. But that’s where the trouble begins, as it is not an easy job to hire the right mobile app developer resonating with your business requirements.

In case you are looking to hire Android app developer, then here are the necessary skills to consider while finalizing on one.

Focused on Quality

What matters the most is Quality. Hence you must always give priority to both the pricing and the technical standards. Hire Android app developer who has proven expertise and is able to deliver feature-rich and world-class app functioning flawlessly. High-quality coding is always given value and it is the key factor in the success of any great application with greater UX.

Innovative Approach

Out there in the market, it is easy to find a number of developers who are working monotonously as directed by their managers. However, Android app development requires innovative developers who can come up with great ideas regarding design and development.

Open-source Platform Knowledge

Android developers must excel in the open source platforms and widely used tools, after all, Android is an open-source platform. Hence you need to go for the developers who are skilled in open-source libraries. Also, keep in mind that the developers need to have immense knowledge of developing as the smartphones come in various screen sizes and resolution.

Business Analysis

Businesses always look for a developer keen on knowing their goals and objectives, customers you work with and industry insights. The right developer devotes his time and energy to analyze the business requirements and goals and works towards accomplishing them. Being aware of the business goals helps the Android developer in staying focused during the whole development cycle. Also, keep in mind that the developer needs to be well-versed with the whole of the business concept as developing an app is not just about the coding capabilities.

Coding Style

The coding standards vary among developers and everyone’s coding style differ from the other. The same code can be written by a developer in 10 lines while the other might write in 3 lines. Meanwhile, it is advised to go for code that appears to be clean and follows the coding standards stringently. Besides the code should be consistent, clean and structured with comments, guidelines and lastly reusable.


A talented Android developer backed with strong experience is what you should look for. The developer must focus on developing an elegant app which looks clean and is easy to navigate. Hire Android app developer who is well-versed with various kinds of Android apps that works on most platforms. All the latest technologies and tools must be implemented in developing the app.


Open communication should be there in an Agile mobile app development as it builds transparency between you and the developer thus, yielding better results. Hence this is certainly a vital factor for an Android developer. Your developer must stay in touch with you, updating you on the development process from time to time.

A Good Team Player

If developed independently, Android application development process becomes cumbersome. Hence, ensure that the professional developer hired by you is in synchronization with the team and should be clear regarding his role as a part of a team member.

Affordable Rates

Hire Android app developers who are capable to deliver the mobile app solution within stipulated time period meeting the deadlines. A number of companies look for low rates but it is not always favorable in the long run. It is advised to hire dedicated mobile app developers who yield quality results at affordable prices. Since there are a number of good app development companies out there in the market who deliver great quality work, hence it is easy to hire developers at a competitive cost.

Android is coming up with the best mobiles and tablets in the market, hence the need for Android developers in constantly on a rise. But it is not easy to find the right candidate for this job and requires putting in some serious efforts. With the help of the above-mentioned points, you can hit upon the suitable professional or the best Android app development company for your business.

Arun Goyal
Arun Goyal
Arun Goyal is Managing Director at Octal IT Solution, leading Web & Mobile App Development Company offering dedicated hiring for your development needs.


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