Battlecry Shaman Deck – One of the Top and Best Heartstone Deck

Battlecry Shaman with tag ‘ Battlecries to make opponent cry’ is one of the most trending deck nowadays. Battlecry shaman Deck is also known as Quest Shaman. The deck Battlecry shaman comes under the category of mid-range. It is one of the compelling top Hearthstone decks.

Battlecry Shaman Deck Strategy

Initially, Battlecry Shaman deck is not very powerful. However, you are unstoppable after the completion of a quest called Corrupt the Warrior. To complete the quest, use your battlecry minions and cards. Also, try to remove enemy minions whenever possible so that your defence is strong throughout the game.

After the completion of the quest (Corrupt the Warrior), you can follow up with two strategies. The first one would be to use the Heart of Vir’ naal. By doing this, you will be able to provide extra damage to your enemy. The second strategy would be to use the Hero Power along with Galakrond. This would offer you a fantastic opportunity to pressurize your enemy. Although, go for the second strategy only if there is a higher chance of you winning. This is because the ability to use Heart of Vir’ naal, later on, will not be available.

Some particular cards should be used if your opponent has an aggro deck. This is because these cards will have a much adverse effect on your enemy. These cards are Sandstorm Elemental, Weaponized Wasp and Galakrond, the Tempest.

Similarly, there are cards that should be used if your opponent has a control warrior deck. For completing the quest in Battlecry Shaman, use Sandstorm Elemental along with minions. Then, when using a card along with Heart of Vir’ naal you can opt for Sludge Slurper, EVIL Cable Rat and Novice Engineer.

14 Battlecry Shaman Deck cards – Top Hearthstone Deck

Let us now discuss some important cards of Battlecry Shaman Deck with their mighty features:

1) Corrupt the Waters

This legendary spell costs only one mana crystal. It requires you to complete a quest in which you must use six battlecry minions. After its completion, you are gifted a Heart of Vir’ naal card which is a hero power. Its battlecry allows you to take an additional turn.

2) Barista Lychen

Barista Lychen is a minion costing 5 mana crystals that allows you to imitate all the Battlecry Minions from left to right order present on the board to deal damage to your opponent. Pair it up with your most potent minions to bring down your opponent quickly.

3) Sludge Slurper

This Murloc Minion costs only 1 mana crystal and comes with numerous advantages. Its stats are 2/1 attack/health along with a battlecry that summons one of the Lackey Minions randomly. However, it also overloads your mana crystals and reduces one mana crystal in your next refill.

4) Lifedrinker

Lifedrinker is a rare minion costing approximately 4 mana crystals whose stats are 3/3. Its battlecry deals a 3 point damage to your opponent while simultaneously restoring your health by the same number of points.

5) Sandstorm Elemental

This Elemental Minion costs 2 mana crystals with 2/2 attack/health. Its most powerful feature is its battlecry that reduces all enemy minion’s health by 1 point. However, it causes your hero to go into overload and decreases the available mana in the next turn by 1.

6) Weaponized Wasp

A rare beast minion costing 3 mana crystals with 3/3 stats. This card is particularly powerful when used with a Lackey because then, its battlecry enables you to deal 3 points damage to your opponent.

7) Novice Engineer

Novice Engineer is mostly used for its Battlecry and costs 2 mana crystals with 1/1 stats. This card’s Battlecry allows the player to draw a second card through making use of return effects such as shadowstep. This card can be a good ally with questing adventurer or Edwin VanCleef.

8) Mutate

Mutate works best with high-costed and low-statted minions, such as Swampqueen Hagatha and Giggling Inventor. This spell allows you to change your minions into other ones for the price of 1 mana crystal. Some consider this card to be a low-power version of Evolve or Unstable evolution where it lacks board-wide effect and the extra value respectively, for the advantage of being free. It’s best used in situations where you want to target specific minions without evolving others, however, it can be less wasteful than unstable evolution if played on a curve.

9) Swampqueen Hagatha

it is one of the most expensive and powerful minion cards costing 7 mana crystals. Thus, Swampqueen Hagatha is useful in the late phase of the game. Its stat levels are 5/5. Its true power lies in its battlecry that summons the Drustvar Horror minion along with teaching it two Shaman spell.

10) Shudderwock

Another late phase minion that is perhaps the most expensive card in the deck. It’s priced at 10 mana crystals and allows you to reproduce the Battlecries of all your previous played battlecry minions. The maximum number of replayed battlecries is 30. This power makes Shudderwock the most reliable late phase card that guarantees a successful victory.

11) Giggling Inventor

This highly rare Minion costs 6 mana crystals and has a 2/1 attack/health. Although its stats are weak, its real power is in its battlecry which summons Annoy-o-Trons that come with taunts and divine shields that’ll give you some time to recover your health.

12) Evil Cable Rat

This is a common Beast Minion that costs 2 mana crystals. Although its stats are poor (1/1), this minion’s true power is in its battlecry that equips you with one Lackey.

13) Mogu Fleshshaper

This rare minion is similar to the sea giant except without the huge body. It is one of the most expensive cards in the game costing about 9 mana crystals with 3/4 attack/health. This minion is equipped with rush that enables you to use it in the same turn that you summon it. However, its effects are only limited to the enemy minions and can’t harm your opponent’s hero. It also decreases the cost of each minion on board by one mana crystal.

14) Desert Hare

This card is a worse version of Microtech Controller in terms of stats, however it benefits from beasts like Spirit of the Lynx. This minion is a beast that costs 3 mana crystals with 1/1 attack/health. Its battlecry equips you with two more 1/1 Desert Hares. It synergizes with multiple hunter beast synergies, as well as Druid’s Mark of Y’ shaarij.

15) Dragon’s Pack

Dragon’s pack is an epic spell from the Descent of Dragons. It costs 5 mana crystals. This spell equips you with two Spirit Wolves who’ stats are 2/3 attack/health. They also come with a taunt effect that prevents board clears. Moreover, after they’re used twice, the spell increases the wolves stats by 2/2 allowing you to deal 8 points damage to your opponent.

To Sum up

With a win rate of 50+%, this mighty Battlercy Shaman deck makes up for its money by enabling you to almost always emerge victorious if you play your cards right.

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