Bomb Warrior Deck – One of the Top Hearthstone Decks to Look for

Bomb Warrior Deck is one of the best and top decks of Hearthstone. It is a control deck built around the concept of putting bombs in the opponent’s deck in order to move towards victory.

Bomb Warrior Deck Strategy

i. Initial Stage

During the early game, use Frothing Berserker, Bomb Wrangler, and Frightened Flunky. These cards will not only help gain control of the board but will also damage your enemy’s health. Other than this, also use minions. You can also use Brawl to clear your enemy’s minions which are on his board.

ii. Mid-Stage

In the mid-game, your primary strategy would be to get Wrenchcalibur. Using Wrenchcalibur, you will be able to gain control of the board quickly. Also, use Captain Greenskin or Hoard Pillager and shuffle bombs. This tactic will surely make your end game easy.

iii. Late Stage

During late game, you will have to try reducing your enemy’s health bit by bit. The bombs will provide the rest of the damage.

15 Bomb Warrior Deck cards – Top Hearthstone Deck

Bomb Warrior is one of the best decks to opt for if you are looking to raise your rank. It has a fantastic win rate of above 50%. Below is a list of some of the important 15 cards from Bomb Warrior deck.

1) Risky Skipper

This rare Warrior Minion is one of the best steals in Hearthstone because of its extremely low price (only one mana crystal) and great powerfulness. Its stats are great for one mana; 1/3. However, its significant power is its ability to deal one damage to all minions after you play a friendly minion.

The only con is that this minion not only damages enemy minions, it also damages friendly minions! So to make full use of this card, you need to have numerous minions in your hand. Also, they should have considerable health. Otherwise, they will end up getting destroyed in the first two turns that the Risky Skipper card is played. Indeed, its name fits it perfectly! A minion that is extremely powerful but comes with a few risks!

2) Armorsmith

Another rare minion, Armorsmith, costs 2 mana crystals with stats (1/4) that are pretty close to Risky Skippers (1/3). Its power is not in its stats but in its ability to provide armour to your hero, allowing him to survive fatigue. Armorsmith increases your hero’s armour by 1 every time one of your friendly minions undergoes damage. You will gain one armour each time regardless of the damage dealt. Moreover, this damage includes damage to a friendly minion, to Armorsmith herself, damage caused by your hero due to using cards like Injured Blademaster as well as damage inflicted by missile shots of cards like Avenging Wrath.

3) Brawl

This classic spell card is used to destroy all except one of the minions on the board; clearing it completely. The only con here is that you don’t get to decide which minion card doesn’t get destroyed. Therefore the card can ruin your most powerful minion while leaving one of the enemy’s minions unharmed. It also does not silence the death rattles of the demolished minions. The cost of this card is 5 mana crystals and is best used when your enemy has a lot of powerful minions while you have lesser and weaker minions.

4) Shield Block

Another great spell, Shield Block, costs 3 mana crystals. This spell again helps to delay fatigue by providing 5 armour to your hero. Not only this, but it also allows you to draw a card from the deck. It provides all this for just 3 mana crystals! However, in the late phase of a game where your hero is already going into fatigue, it is best to avoid this card as it places stress on an already fatigued hero. This will counteract the armour you gained, neutralizing it and making it pointless to use this card.

5) Captain Greensick

This minion is slightly more expensive and stands at 5 mana crystals. It has fantastic stats; 5/4. However, its stats are not its best feature. The best thing about this card is its battlecry that increases your weapons stats by 1/1; allowing you to improve your attack and health by one when played directly from your hand. It’s best to use this card when you have an already powerful weapon in play. However, do not use this minion for weapons with powerful death rattles as the minion will delay the death of the weapon, in turn delaying the activation of its death rattle.

6) Blastmaster Boom

This legendary Minion is very expensive as compared to the other minion and thus, can be used only in the late phase. It costs 7 mana crystals but makes up for its high price by its high stats which are 7/7 and its powerful battlecry. For every bomb present in your opponent’s deck, the battlecry of Blastmaster Boom will equip you with not one but two 1/1 Boom Bots. These Boom bots have an extremely powerful deathrattle that damages a random enemy minion by 1-4 points. Your opponent can remove all bomb in their deck by using removal cards like Archivist Elysiana and hence make sure you have at least one bomb generator in your hand before making use of this card.

Additionally, if you combine Blastmaster Boom with Dr Boom, all your Boom Bots will be equipped with a rush which will immediately give you control to the board. This minion is essential in your deck and will guarantee a win for your hero. 

7) Wrenchcalibur:

This is an epic warrior weapon that is a must for your hero. It costs 4 mana crystals and has 3 attacks and 2 durabilities. Every time that your hero attacks, this weapon adds a Bomb into your enemy’s deck. If this card is used before Blastmaster Boom, it can deal with catastrophic damage to your opponent. Each bomb gets activated as soon as it is drawn and deals 5 damages to the enemy.

8) Evil Quartermaster

This warrior costs 3 mana crystals, and its stats are 2/3 attack/health. Although its stats aren’t the best, its real power lies in its battlecry that shuffles a Lackey into your hand. Lackeys have various effects like discovering or summoning other cards, increasing friendly minion stats and equipping them with rush or taunt. All these effects come from their battlecries. Moreover, Evil Quartermaster also increases your hero’s armour by 3, delayed fatigue.

9) Corsair Cache

Corsair Cache is a spell that is again an excellent steal for its price. It costs 2 mana crystals and is rare to obtain. This spell allows you to draw a weapon into your hand and also increases its durability by 1. Bomb warrior deck has numerous strong weapons which aren’t necessarily easy to draw, and hence this card is a perfect fit for your deck. It allows you to draw mighty weapons and also increases their durability quickly! Upon using this card in combination with Transmogrifier, your summoned weapon will transform into a minion of a legendary rarity with an additional increase of +1/+1 in its stats. 

10) Ancharrr

This legendary warrior weapon costs 3 mana crystals. Its stats are 2/2 attack/durability. Every time your hero attacks, this weapon adds a Pirate from your deck into your hand. It allows you to deal damage to your enemy and draw minion cards simultaneously.

11) Hoard Pillager

Hoard Pillager belongs to the Descent of Dragons set. It is a minion card that costs 4 mana. Its attack power is 4 and health power is 2. Its battlecry permits the usage of an old weapon without paying its price. You should try to reuse Ancharrr, Livewire Lance or Wrenchcalibur. Hoard Pillager is one of the rare cards available.

12) Bomb Wrangler

Bomb Wrangler belongs to the Galakrond’s Awakening pack. It is basically a warrior minion card that costs 3 mana. It has an attack power of 2 whereas its health power is 3. The main strategy of this card is to release a Boom Bot whenever it takes damage.

13) Frightened Flunky

Frightened Flunky is one of the cards from the Saviors of Uldum pack. It is a warrior minion card and costs around 2 mana. Its health and attack power is the same, i.e. 2. Its battlecry is to find a taunt minion. This means this card works best is taunt based decks. You should try to use this card in your early game when playing with Bomb Warrior deck.

14) Clockwork Goblin

Clockwork Goblin belongs to the Rise of Shadows packs and is a rare warrior minion card. It costs 3 mana and has a health power of 3 and also the attack power is 3. Clockwork Goblin works impressively with Magnetic minions. The main function of this card is to shuffle bombs into your enemy’s deck. When he draws it, he gets to deal with a damage of 5. This is one of the finest cards in Bomb Warrior deck.

15) Omega Devastator

Omega Devastator belongs to the Rise of the Shadows pack. This is basically a warrior minion card and costs 4 mana. This card’s health power is 5 and attack power is 4. This card is best used during the end game. Its battlecry is that if you have 10 mana, you will be able to provide damage of 10 to a minion. Isn’t this just a dream come true!

To Sum up

With a win rate of 50+%, this mighty Bomb Warrior Deck makes up for its money by enabling you to almost always emerge victorious if you play your cards right. This is the same as Zoolock Deck and Token Druid Deck.

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