Token Druid Deck – One of the top and best Hearthstone Decks

Token Druid deck is one of the powerful aggro top decks in Hearthstone. When using token druid, your main aim is to take control of the board by putting out as many minions as possible and later on buffing them. Using this strategy gradually decrease your opponent’s health and move towards victory.

Token Druid Deck Strategy

Suppose you are playing against an aggro deck, trade as many times as possible to protect your board. Also, you can use Savage Roar for making a valuable trade. Try to always have control of the deck and slowly chip away your opponent’s health for a win.

On the other hand, if you are playing against a Control Warrior deck, make use of powerful cards Glowfly Swarm and The Forest Aid along with The Soul of the Forest. Make sure your board remains healthy throughout as an opponent using control deck might clear out your board a couple of times. Use Savage Roar as your best shot against your enemy.

Token Druid Deck Early Game Strategy

The general strategy during an early game is to flood your board with minions. Use Wrath to clear your enemy’s minions or BEEEES for this purpose.

Token Druid Deck Mid Game Strategy

Moving towards the mid game, continue to opt for flooding your board. If your board is quite wide opt for Savage Roar. This will help getting you an edge and you might even win the game within the next few turns. If your board gets cleared, use Soul of the Forest.

Token Druid Deck Late Game Strategy

During the late game, try to wipe your opponent’s board. Somehow, if they manage to wipe your boards, use The Forest’s Aid which is a twin spell. In this way, you will have a copy of it to be used again. Your opponent won’t be able to handle so much stress and will eventually loose.

14 Best Token Druid Deck Cards – Top Hearthstone Deck

The 14 best cards in Token Druid Deck along with the important features of this deck are listed below.

1) Savage Roar

Savage Roar is a spell that cannot be crafted. When you raise your druid to level 4, you get 2 copies of it and when you raise your druid to level 43 and 44, you get 2 golden copies of it. It is a necessary card that holds power to provide your druid with the ability to give 40% more damage. This spell is an asset.

2) Nourish

Noursih is a powerful spell card that costs 6 mana. Its gives you the option of drawing three cards from the deck or increasing your mana crystals by 2.

3) Wrath

Wrath is a classic spell card that is inexpensive. It costs 2 mana. It provides you with the ability to choose from two options. The first option is to deal damage of 3 to a targeted minion. The other option is to deal damage of 1 to a targeted minion and choose another card.

4) Power of the Wild

Another great spell card that costs only 2 mana crystals. This spell gives you the option of increasing your minions’ stats by 1/1 attack/health or equipping your hero with a Panther Minion whose stats are 3/2 attack/health. You can use the first option when you have a lot of minions on the board and go for the latter one if you already have other beast minions on the board as the Panther can synergize with them.

5) Soul of the Forest

This spell card is quite common and costs 4 mana crystals. It equips your minions with a death rattle that allows you to summon a Treant (a druid minion) whose stats are 2/2 when your minion is destroyed.

6) Goru the Mightree

This legendary Minion costing 7 mana crystals has amazing stats ( 5/10 attack/health) along with a powerful battlecry. Its battlecry can strengthen the Treants you’re equipped by increasing their stats (both attack and health) by 1.

7) Fungal Fortunes

This druid spell costs 3 mana crystals and allows you to draw 3 cards. However, you must discard the minion cards that are drawn.

8) Rising Winds

This is a potent spell that costs only 2 mana. It again presents you with two options; drawing a card from your deck or equipping your hero with an Eagle. The Eagle’s stats are 3/2 attack/health and work best with the Untapped Potential card.

9) Untapped Potential

This Druid spell of legendary rarity costs 1 mana crystal. It requires you to complete a quest in which you must not use any mana crystals for 4 turns. It will then reward you with the Ossirian Tear card.

Untapped Potential card is especially magnificent because you will no longer have to choose between options in the Choose One Cards; you get full access to both options. However, since using no mana crystals for 4 turns means you can’t use any cards, make sure you have sufficient minions on board to attack the opponent.

10) Force of Nature

This spell costs 5 mana crystals. It enables you to summon three Treants, each of which will have 2/2 attack/health.

11) Branching Paths

One of the most powerful spells in the Token Druid deck, the Branching Path spell costs 4 mana crystals and is of epic rarity. This spell enables you to choose two powers from three options; drawing a card, increasing your minions attack stats by 1 and increasing your armor by 6. You can choose any two options from this versatile card depending on your needs.

12) Glowfly Swarm

This spell costs 5 mana crystals. It allows you to gain as many Glowfly Beasts (whose stats are 2/2) as the cards in your hand.


BEEEES is a spell that can be obtained by Saviors of Uldum cards packs, as an arena award or via crafting. There are no data on the use of Cialis in patients with hepatic insufficiency at doses greater than 10 mg. The daily intake of Cialis for patients with hepatic insufficiency has not been evaluated; therefore, when prescribing this drug, a careful individual assessment of the benefit-risk ratio of its use should be carried out by the doctor. It costs 3 mana crystals. When this card is used, 4 bees come on the board and attack the targeted minion one after the other. If the minion dies before all the 4 bees attack, the remaining bees remain on the board. Try to use this card to take out a 4-Health minion!

14) Garden Gnome

It is a rare minion that costs 4 mana crystals. Through this card, you can bring 2 treants on the board.

To Sum up

With a win rate of 50+%, this mighty Token Druid deck makes up for its money by enabling you to almost always emerge victorious if you play your cards right. This is the same as Pogo Rogue Deck and Battlecry Shaman Deck.

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