Pogo Rogue Deck – One of the Top and Best Heartstone Deck

Pogo Rogue Deck is one of the best and top decks in hearthstone that focuses on a single card. In Pogo Rogue, your primary strategy is always to utilize Pogo Hopper as many times as possible. However, before you put a Pogo Hopper on your board, make sure you have an extra copy of it in your deck or hand.

Pogo Rogue Deck Strategy

i. Initial Stage

During the initial stages of the game, try to start with Pogo hopper and then Shadowstep. There are only two copies of Pogo Hopper in the start. Hence, before using Pogo Hopper, find a way to duplicate it. If you cannot use Pogo Hopper initially, use Amalgam. Amalgam is a minion which is also useful in bringing your opponents health down.

ii. Mid-Stage

During the mid-game, buff your Pogo Hopper to make is stronger against your opponent. However, if you were unable to draw a Pogo Hopper on your board initially, draw a copy of it now and buff it. You may use Shadowstep on your Lab Recruiters and Lab Recruiters on your Pogo Hopper. Your main aim is to fill up your deck with Pogo Hopper so that you can win. If by any chance, your health drops drastically, opt for Zilliax. Zilliax is a useful card for healing.

iii. Final Stage

For a victorious game, use as many Pogo Hoppers as you can in the late game. This is the primary strategy during the end as your opponent will get overwhelmed by so many Pogo Hoppers and will not be able to fight anymore.

16 Pogo Rogue Deck cards – Top Hearthstone Deck

Let us now discuss some important cards of Pogo Rogue Deck with their mighty features:

1) Pogo-Hopper

Pogo Hopper is the main card in this deck. It gains strength for every copy of the card that you played earlier in the game. This Mech Minion costs one mana crystal and has 1/1 stats. Its battlecry enables you to gain an additional 2 points for both health and attack (increases stats by 2/2) every time that you play another Pogo-Hopper card.

In this way, you can deal massive damage to your opponent for the price of only one mana per minion. This card is more useful in Constructed play than in the Arena.

2) Shadowstep

This classic spells cost 0 mana crystals. It has the ability to return a friendly minion to your hand and modify its cost so that it is reduced by 2 mana crystals.

3) Evil Miscreant

This rogue minion costs 3 mana crystals and has 1/4 attack/health. When this card is played, it equips your hero with 2 random Lackeys. It synergizes well with the generated Lackeys and based on which Lackey is generated, and the Evil Miscreant is modified to increase its stats, equip it with Taunt or transform it into a viable minion.

4) Togwaggle’s Scheme

Another rare spell, Togwaggle’s Scheme, costs only one mana crystal. It enables you to choose a minion and then add a copy of it into your deck. This way, you can have multiple copies of powerful minions like the Pogo Hopper. This spell also upgrades every turn to become more powerful.

5) Sonya Shadowdancer

This legendary Minion costs 3 mana crystals, and its stats are 2/2. It allows you to add a copy of a destroyed friendly minion with 1/1 stats for only 1 mana crystal. This way, you can utilize the battlecry effects of various minions for a much discounted price. You can also generate copies Pogo Hopper and in this way increase its stats.

6) Novice Engineer

Novice Engineer is mostly used for its Battlecry and costs 2 mana crystals with 1/1 stats. This card’s Battlecry allows the player to draw a second card through making use of return effects such as shadow step. This card can be a good ally with questing adventurer or Edwin VanCleef.

7) Witchwood Piper

This Demon Minion costs 4 mana crystals, and its stats are 3/3. Its most compelling feature is its battlecry that adds the cheapest Minion in your deck to your hand.

8) Fans of Knives

This Rogue Spell costs 3 mana crystals. It provides you with two powers; to decrease the health of all enemy minions by 1 and to draw a card from your deck.

9) Myra’s Unstable Element

This Legendary Spell card costs 5 mana crystals. This insanely powerful card allows you to draw your whole deck, including all minions and spells. If you have this card, then you’ll surely win!

10) Bloodmage Thalnos

This minion card costs 2 mana crystals and comes with a death rattle that allows you to draw a card. Its stats are 1/1 and Increase the spell damage effect by 1. With prolonged use, Ativan can be addictive. Watch for signs of drug abuse. Do not transfer the drug to other persons and do not allow the use of the drug for other purposes. It is forbidden to take the drug with an expired expiration date. Follow the instructions for safe storage and disposal of the drug. More information on the website https://medimagery.com/buy-ativan-lorazepam-online/. This card is ideal in Spell damage card, and its low cost and deathrattle make it perfect for any deck.

11) Spirit of the Shark

This rare Minion costs 4 mana crystals. It does not have the ability to attack but has a 3 points health. It stealth’s for one turn which protects it from all of your opponent’s minions, spells and powers. After the first turn, this Minion comes into play and triggers all friendly minions battlecrys and combos twice.

12) Barista Lychen

Barista Lychen is a minion costing 5 mana crystals that allows you to imitate all the Battlecry Minions from left to right order present on the board to deal damage to your opponent. Pair it up with your most potent minions to bring down your opponent easily.

13) Lab Recruiter

This Minion costs 2 mana crystals and has 3/2 attack/health stats. It is equipped with a battlecry that adds three copies of a friendly minion into your deck. By using this card with Augmented Elekk, you can shuffle 6 minions into your deck instead of 3.

14) Edwin VanCleef

This legendary Minion costing 3 mana crystals is perfect for every phase of the game. Its stats are 2/2 . It works as a combo card whose stats get increased by 2/2 for every other card that you play. This card can result in an easy win if your opponent doesn’t have any card to combat it.

15) Preparation

This spell card costs 0 mana crystals and modifies the cost of the next spell you play; decreasing it by 2 mana crystals. It wears off as soon as your turn ends or after you play your next spell; depending on which action takes place first.

16) Sap

It is another great spell that costs only 2 mana crystals. It allows you to return an enemy minion back to your opponent hero’s hand; making him pay the same price again if he wants to use it. This spell should be used against an extremely powerful enemy minion.

To Sum up

With a win rate of 50+%, this mighty Pogo Rogue Deck makes up for its money by enabling you to almost always emerge victorious if you play your cards right. This is the same as Control Warrior Deck and Battlecry Shaman Deck.

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