Zoolock Deck – 16 Cards in this One of the top and best Hearthstone Decks

Zoolock Deck is one of the oldest best decks available in hearthstone. It is quite cheap and easy to play within an attempt to raise your rank. The primary strategy when using Zoolock is to fill your board with minions and buff them. The faster you fill your board with minions, the higher the chances of your victory will be. By trading carefully, you will also get the upper hand!

Zoolock Deck Strategy

Zoolock Deck Early Game Strategy

Initially, your main aim in the game is to fill your board with cheap minions. Always remember that Zoolock is all about initial control. So, begin trading once your enemy starts using his minions. Zoolock also has some fantastic buffs for you so that you can clear your opponent’s board and begin taking control of the board. These buffs include Acherus Veteran and Defender of Argus.

Zoolock Deck Middle Game Strategy

Now, while you are in the middle of your game continue to play like you were in the beginning. Stop trading once you are close to using lethal and switch your game to mainly using minion, buffs and spells. Using these three things, damage your enemy.

Do not rush your game and carefully plan out your next move.

16 Best Zoolock Deck Cards – Top Hearthstone Deck

Zoolock deck cards is a fun and top Hearthstone deck to play with whose winning rate is above 50%. Let’s take a look on 16 important cards in Zoolock deck listed below.

1) Flame Imp

This demon minion costs only one mana crystal with 3/2 attack/health stats. It is also equipped with a battlecry that unfortunately deals 3 point damage to your hero. So basically this minion attacks your enemy at the expense of your hero’s health. However, by using it with a specific card like Demonfire, you can increase Flame Imp’s stats considerably. This low-cost minion is ideal for dealing with the damage to the enemy in the initial stage of the game. However, it is not as high in the latter stages of the game as you can get better cards with your increased mana crystals as the game progresses. 

2) Expired Merchant

This is a warlock minion that costs two mana crystals. Its stats are quite weak with 2/1 attack/health. Its battlecry removes your most expensive card while its deathrattle adds two copies of the same card to your hand. You can consider this card as a sort of investment where you must get rid of your most expensive and powerful card to gain two copies of it directly in your hand in the future.

3) Imprisoned Scrap Imp

The Imprisoned Scrap Imp is another great warlock minion that costs two mana crystals. Its stats are 3/3. This minion remains dormant for two turns, i.e. you cannot use it for two turns after playing it. But after the two turns, it awakens and adds an additional +2/+1 increase to all your minions’ stats. It doesn’t only do this for friendly minions on board but also for minions that are still in your hand.

4) Hand of Gul’ dan

This is a powerful spell that costs a lot of mana crystals; six to be exact. Upon using or discarding this card, your hero draws three cards from the deck. Although this card is highly useful, it can’t be used in the initial stage of the game due to its hefty price.

5) Serpent Egg

This Common Minion costs two mana crystals. It does not have the ability to attack your enemy hero and minions, but it does have a 3 points health. The primary feature of this minion is its deathrattle. When your minion dies, the deathrattle comes into effect and summons a Sea Serpent whose stats are 3/4.

6) Argent Squire

Another common minion, Argent Squire, costs only one mana crystal. Its stats are 1/1 which are not bad considering its low cost. Moreover, it also comes with a Divine Shield ability that protects it from damage in the next turn.

7) Imp Gang Boss

This minion costs 3 mana crystals with 2/4 stats. Every time that the enemy attacks this minion, it yields Imps which have 1/1 stats. If it undergoes fatal damage in one turn, it will only summon one imp.

8) Beaming Sidekick

Another great minion that is to be used in the initial stage of the game. Its stats are 1/2 attack/health. It is also equipped with a battlecry that allows a friendly minion to increase its health by 2 points.

9) Evil Genius

Evil Genius is another minion card in Zoolock. It costs two mana. It has a health power of 2. It also has an attack power of 2. The primary function of this card is to destroy a friendly minion to get two random Lackey cards in your hand. The various Lackey cards are:

  • Draconic Lackey
  • Ethereal Lackey
  • Faceless Lackey
  • Goblin Lackey
  • Kobold Lackey
  • Titanic Lackey
  • Witchy Lackey

10) Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet is a minion card belonging to the Rise of Shadows set. It costs three mana. It has a health power of 6 which makes it amazing for usage in the early game. This card has an attack power of 1. It basically provides a minion that costs 1, an attack and rush power of 1.

11) Nightshade Matron

The nightshade matron card belongs to the Ashes of Outland set and costs about four mana. It is a card for a warlock minion. It comes with an attack power of 5 and a health power of 5 as well. The card’s battlecry is to let go of your most expensive card.

12) Soulfire

Soulfire belongs to the basic set. This card is basically a warlock spell and damages its target by 4. It also destroys a random card. However, if you cast this spell without having a card in your hand, no card will be destroyed. This is one of the best cards that you can get for one mana.

13) Voidwalker

With an attack power of 1 and a health power of 3, Voidwalker is a warlock taunt minion card. It costs one mana and is from the basic set. It has no battlecry and can be used in your initial game.

14) Faceless Corrupter

Faceless Corruptor is an expensive card that costs 5 mana. It belongs to the descent of dragons set. Faceless corruptor is a minion which has a health and an attack power of 4. This card can be used with a 1 mana minion and provide significant damage to your opponent. It has a rush of 7/8 and has the ability to make one of your minions identical to itself.

15) Blazing Battlemage

Blazing Battlemage belongs to Descent of Dragons and costs 1 mana. It is a neutral minion card which works effectively when used in the early game. It has a 2 attack power and a 2 health power.

16) Darkglare

Darkglare is a warlock minion card that costs 3 mana. You can also get this card via the Ashes of Outland card packs. This card is of great importance as it provides you with 2 mana for every time your hero takes damage. The icing on top will be if you have 2 Darkglare cards as it would mean getting 4 mana. It also has an attack power of 3 and a health power of 4.

To Sum up

With a win rate of 50+%, this mighty Zoolock deck makes up for its money by enabling you to almost always emerge victorious if you play your cards right. There are few cases of sudden deafness or hearing loss when taking drugs from the group of PDE-5 inhibitors, including Levitra® ODT. It is not established whether these cases are directly related to the reception of Levitra® ODT, with concomitant risk factors for hearing loss, with a combination of these factors, or with other causes. Read more at https://www.squarehospital.com/buy-levitra-online/. This is the same as Pogo Rogue Deck and Token Druid Deck.

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