3 Important Facts Every MetroPCS User Needs to Know

Metro by T-Mobile was formerly known as MetroPCS, is considered as a prepaid brand which is owned by the company T-Mobile in the USA. Some complex policies of different corporate sectors not specifically MetroPCS, are challenging to understand. The user, due to shortage of time or due to numerous reason, ignores such facts. For a better understanding of the MetroPCS policies for our readers and MetroPCS users, we have summarized the main four informations which can be helpful for them.

1. Metro PCS Plans

MetroPCS offers a vast range of unlimited plans. Each of the MetroPCS plans ends up costing the way lesser than what you would end up paying at Uncarrier. All one has to do is to stack the two carriers by the side, and you will end up wondering why you should not opt for MetroPCS.

a. MetroPCS Data Plans

MetroPCS offers more than 31+ smartphones and a total of four data plans including two unlimited data plans.

  • 2GB in $30.
  • 10GB in $40.
  • Unlimited: $50 (includes 5GB mobile hot spot data)
  • Unlimited: $60 (includes 15GB mobile hot spot data, Amazon Prime)

b. MetroPCS Offerings

Metro is known for conducting operations on all of its physical locations of the stores. Whereas, the prepaid brands do offer services on the physical sites as well as online platforms.

Throughout its existence, Metro PCS is always known to be a customer-friendly website that is easy to use and operate. Due to the advantages, it has provided to the customers has helped in winning numerous awards throughout its lifetime. Recently Metro was ranked as the first in the category of customer experience among the various non-contract full services.

2. MetroPCS Payment Methods

Metro PCS provides a plethora of payment options, such as:

a. Through MetroPCS.com

Under this, the following ways of payments are there:

  • One of the easiest ways to make the payment for your Metro PCS is through AutoPay. This is because it allows the automatic debits to be made each month easily to a credit or a debit card. AutoPay is considered as an option of payment which is available in the eWalletMy Account.’
  • The option ‘My Account‘ allows the user to pay using either the credit or the debit card or even through the MetroPCS payment card. The user has the option to store the information of the debit or credit card. This helps to avoid putting the information again and again.
  • Express pay is an option that allows the user to pay without even signing to ‘My Account.‘ The user will get the opportunity to save the information of the debit or the credit card, which is used in the Express Pay and linked to the eWallet end the end. However, if you choose not to do that, then you will need to re-enter all the information the next time you go on to use it.

b. Through Phone

  • The customer can dial the *99 to pay through an automated system.
  • The customer can dial the 888-8metro8 (863-8768) number for customer service
  • The customer can also use the MyMetro app to pay via credit or debit card.

b. Through MetroPCS Store

One can visit the MetroPCS store to make the payment.

  • The customer can use the MetroPCS store dropbox to make the payment.
  • The customers have an option to use the MetroPCS store payment machine to make the payment

3. How is MetroPCS Customer Service

The Metro PCS customer service is considered as one of the best support teams ever. For example if you want to upgrade your MetroPCS phone or activation of MetroPCS phone, Metro PCS will make sure to be with its customers throughout at any time of the day. The officials have made approaching the customer support staff elementary and convenient. There are multiple ways of how an individual can contact the customer service of Metro PCS, such as:

a. Through Phone Call

For any of your queries, the support staff is literally just a call away.

  • All you have to do is to dial their official toll-free number, which is 888-863-8768 and get connected with the support person.
  • One can even straight away dial 611 through your Metro T-Mobile to reach out to the support staff.

b. Submitting the Contact Form

Another way of approaching the support staff is to send the query through the official MetroPCS contact us page. MetroPCS also asks the customers to give their email id along with asking the kind of query they have. Once submitted, the concerned support staff gets in touch with the customers within a span of 24 hours to resolve their issue.

c. Visiting the stores

Every place has registered and official MetroPCS stores. Customers can visit these stores during the official timings and reach out to the support staff in case of any issues.

Hope our research regarding MetroPCS will help with your queries. If you still needs any assistance drop the comments and we will update our article for you.

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