Steps to Activate MetroPCS Phone in Five Simple Steps for Free


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Now since you have grabbed a new MetroPCS phone, you would want to activate MetroPCS phone. The process to activate MetroPCS phone is not very hard, and you can do it all by yourself with the help of the customer support staff. 

Here is how you can activate a MetroPCS phone for free: 

1. Gather all the information:

Before starting the process of activating a Metro PCS phone for free, make sure you have all the relevant information with you beforehand. The report includes the new phone, SIM Card, and various other necessary details such as name, address, or the account PIN. In case you do not have your SIM card or you are bringing up a phone which you own to the MetroPCS, then that is a different case. In this, you can easily order one from the list of smartphone on MetroPCS directly or also go on to pick one from the retail stores out.

2. Find the serial Numbers:

To activate a phone fully on the MetroPCS, one would need to provide a proper serial number of the new SIM card and the new phone. The serial number of the SIM card can easily be found on the SIM itself, or it is also present on the plastic card that comes with the SIM. The serial number of the phone is known as IMEI, which can be found at numerous places such as the retail box, inside the phone (under the battery), or in the device settings menu present on the phone.

3. Install the SIM Card:

To make your phone get activated on the MetroPCS, inserting of the SIM card is necessary into your phone by following a few specific instructions. One should note that all the models of the phone are different and vary from each other significantly when it comes to the process of putting a SIM card. However, there is nothing to worry about it when you can always search up online on how to go about inserting a SIM card for your particular phone model.

4. Choose the right plan:

One can go through the MetroPCS online and views all the projects which are available for your specific device. On the platform, you can easily see what all is available for you right from the basics. You can browse through all the prices ranging from inexpensive to pricey. In the end, you can decide which plan best fits into your budget and your requirements. One should always keep in mind that these plans are not fixed and can be changed later if needed to be very flexible.

5. Activate on the MetroPCS:

The final steps to activate a phone on the MetroPCS is either to visit the online page of activation at the MetroPCS or directly call the customer care to speak to them about the activation. You will need to use all the information which you have gathered over time, such as the SIM card number, IMEI, the chosen plan, etc. Hence, you will need to communicate the same information to the customer support staff to let them do the MetroPCS phone upgrade smoothly.

If you have any concern or problem during the activation of your MetroPCS phone, let us know in the comment box.

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