Upgrade MetroPCS Phone with these Three Simple Ways

It is a known fact that MetroPCS has merged with T-Mobile. Due to the merger, there have been various upgrades. This has resulted in the old phone lacking the updates and has become vital to upgrade the MetroPCS phones.

Once the user has purchased a phone on the MetroPCS, then he or she will directly qualify for a promotional upgrade after the 9-days of the activation of the phone. This happens up to four times a year.

Three effective ways of how to Upgrade MetroPCS phones:

1. In-Store:

This means that the users have to visit the nearest store to get the telephone upgraded by support staff. It takes about 10 mins to get your phone upgraded considering there is no queue. You may need debit card and credit card for this process.

2. Through Online:

This primarily means that the customer must visit the website of MetroPCS phone and activate it online.

How Online Activation of MetroPCS works?

  1. To activate your MetroPCS phone, visit the Activation website of MetroPCS.
  2. Depending on the number of phone or your query select the option; if you have to activate single or multiple phones.
  3. During activation procedure make sure your phone is turned off.
  4. Enter the zip code where you want to use the phone.
  5. Enter the 14-18 digit IMEI number of your phone.
  6. Once you phone is confirmed, enter the 20 digit SIM/ICCID number.
  7. When prompted, choose from the option what you want to do with your current phone.
  8. After choosing your desired plan, and service review your personal information.
  9. Now proceed to checkout to complete the process.

3. Phone Call:

This is one of the most traditional ways of getting your cell phone upgraded for MetroPCS. The customers can connect to the customer support team on the following numbers; i)888-8metro8 (888-863-8768); ii)*611 from your T-Mobile phone. This way, these sites are very user friendly and always willing to help their customers.

Free Upgrade of MetroPCS phone:

One can always ask different queries such as the availability of the plans, different devices, the different prices in the location, etc. Once the limit of 90 days is over, users still have access to upgrade their phones. It is till 90 days that users get to upgrade their phones for free. After a span of 90 days, the users will need to pay the full cost. This is something that can be quickly done at any point in time through My Metro App, which is available on both Google Play store and Apple Store.

The Metro PCS does go on to offer the option of swap for the purpose of upgrading BYOD: Bring Your Own Device. This primarily means that one can change the phone and buy a new handset at a much lesser fee. However, make sure that if you want your phone to be eligible, then it must be easily compatible with the MetroPCS.

List of phones which are compatible with MetroPCS

Here is an active list of phones which are compatible with MetroPCS and the cost associated with each model:

1. Samsung A6: MetroPCS offers Samsung A6 for about $40 monthly and for 24 months. 

2. Motorola E5 Play: The cost of the phone is approximately $150 and can be paid in a span of 24 months instalments of $6.

3. LG K30: Metro PCS rates this as one of the most compatible phones, which costs around $179. You can also switch to an unlimited MetroPCS plan with this phone for free. 

The various other phones which come in this category are LG Q7, Samsung Galaxy S9, LG Stylo 4, Samsung Galaxy S10, iPhone XS, etc.

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  1. I am a Metro pcs current customer…I have a lg aristo 2 and a lg aristo 3 that I want to upgrade to a G5 phone ….the phones are showing some faults…What would be the cost to up grade to the Galaxiea32 5G and keep our current plan we have now? ….


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