How COVID-19 Is Triggering Digital Transformation in World?

Perhaps, no one ever thought that one day a virus COVID-19 would engulf the whole world like an octopus. It’s not a nightmare but a bitter reality that coronavirus concerns have halted every human activity. The educational institutions and offices are closed. A bane on the gatherings of people has hindered business operations significantly.  

However, necessity is the mother of invention – so, public and private organizations are seeking digital transformation to keep up working schedules as usual as before. You can see it everywhere as people are working from homes, meetings are done using zoom and other presentation software. Not only this, the use of project management tools and techniques has also grown over the days.  

Want to know more about the emergence of the digital revolution in the business sector? Keep reading the post! 

Top Ways Corona Virus has Fast-tracked Digitalization in the World  

The world is seeing the limited activity of human beings to control the virus to spread. The COVID -19 as already caused havoc in the nuke and corner of the globe spreading to more than 187 countries. The human activities are limited to minimal to fight against the disease.  

As a result, the companies have started seeking alternative ways to keep their businesses running without any significant setback. The process of rethinking business models has given rise to the use of technology in different industries. Let’s see how the transformations are triggered: 

The growing trend of working from home  

It is more than just an option. The people have no other choice than to continue their jobs from home because no one can afford to be jobless at this time. It is not just with the employees, but the employers are equally in need of letting their workforce accomplish their professional responsibilities from their homes.   

In this way, organizations, both public and private, have started deploying digital tools to ensure real-time collaboration among the employees. Interestingly, the homes are turned into workplaces thanks to technology. Therefore, remote working conditions have helped to speed up the process of digitalization in the business sector.  

Study online resources are actively used  

Apparently, students were the most affected entities during the pandemic. It is because schools, colleges, universities, and vocational institutions were closed earlier than anything else. Initially, it seemed that students might have to retake their semesters. But virtual learning saved their back! 

So, the educational institutions have started deploying learning management systems (LMS) to keep up the education sessions without interruption. All this has become possible with the help of technology. The online learning resources, the availability of examination conduction modules and tutorial books have helped the students to study at home without compromising their future.  

The emergence of telehealth facilities  

During the regular days, people were more inclined towards physical visits to the hospitals that required proper health infrastructure. However, things have significantly changed during the COVID-19 as even the developing countries have deployed telehealth services to save their people.  

So, the things that seemed to be impossible have become possible immediately with the help of technology. In this way, coronavirus concerns have fastened the digitalization in the world.  

Ecommerce boom has reshaped retail business  

Online shopping is not a new thing. It is because the evolution of eCommerce has already attracted the attention of many business people for generating higher revenue. However, the Corona virus pandemic has fastened the speed of adaptation. It is owing to the reason that people are unable to go to stores, but they can order the products of their requirements online.  

The states have not restricted the delivery of groceries and other such necessities, so the retailers can generate even in the time of grave situations by selling their products using eCommerce portals. If you have running a business but don’t have the facility of online selling, you can get it within days by hiring eCommerce solutions services for extending your prospects. It can help you grow even on rainy days.  

Virtual events are getting viral  

There is no denying many conferences, meet-ups, and other activities that have been canceled owing to the Corona virus outbreak. However, nothing can stop people from sharing knowledge and collaboration. It is evident from the fact that online webinars, virtual reality shows, and other such events have gone viral in the world. It has helped the people to be part of global events for free using their tech-gadgets.  

So, the hospitality and event management industry is rapidly transforming owing to technological deployment. It has open new avenues to the organizers and guests equally. Why not welcome this change in the wake of panic and uncertainty to have some relaxed moments! 

Critical Lessons from the rapid digital transformation! 

Hopefully, you have got a fair idea that Corona virus have helped raise awareness among the masses to stay prepared for the uncertain. So, it is the right time to understand the value of seeking alternative ways of survival for you and your business by adopting the technology. It may have different facets as explained below: 

  • In a case that you are associated with the field of health, you should ensure online facilities of medicines availability and doctor’s consultation.  
  • In a case that you are associated with the business sector, you should have a fully-functional business website. For this purpose, you can hire experienced web developers forgetting the work done professionally.  
  • While running an educational institution, the availability of learning material online should be ensured for the students to continue their studies without any interruption.  
  • The event managers should have all infrastructure ready to meet the demands of their clients for online events and virtual reality exhibitions.  
  • Last but not least, technological tools and techniques should be used to stay aware of the happenings of the world to overcome the probability of such epidemics as COVID-19.  

Stay Home – Stay safe! 

Netasha Adams
Netasha Adams
Netasha Adams is a content writer and researcher, a regular contributor to The Information Minister, Explore Insiders and others blogs. She writes about technology, finance, travel, marketing, and business. She believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment.


  1. World won’t be same after covid19, We thought technology has made us advanced and invincible but whole world seems hopeless

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