How to Make a Lantern in Minecraft?

How to Make a Lantern in Minecraft? How to use it to repel piglins? 

Light sources are an essential item in Minecraft. They illuminate caves and pitch-black spaces while also preventing hostile mobs from spawning at night time. Among the list of light sources in Minecraft, lanterns are extremely popular! This is because they are easy to make and look aesthetic! If you are interested in getting your hands on these spectacular light sources, keep on reading! We’ve covered everything you need to know about how to make a lantern in Minecraft down below! 

Making a Lantern in Minecraft 

Lanterns are an extremely popular source of light in Minecraft. They are relatively easy to make and only require two materials; torch and iron ingots.

Making a Lantern in Minecraft 
Making a Lantern in Minecraft


To make a torch, you will need one stick and one block of coal or charcoal. The sticks are easy to craft. Simply use an ax or any other tool to get wood logs from a tree’s trunk. Next, convert the logs into wooden planks by placing them in the crafting table. One wood log will give you four wooden planks. 

Finally, place two wooden planks in your crafting table slots to get one stick. 

You can use either coal or charcoal to make a torch. It is easier to find them in the Minecraft world than to craft them from scratch.

You can find coal ores four to fifteen blocks below the ground. Dig in using your shovel until you find some. After locating the coal ore, use your pickaxe to collect the coal! 

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Alternatively, you can use charcoal instead of coal. This is made by smelting wooden logs in the furnace. Place the wooden log in the upper slot of the furnace and any fuel source (stick, wooden sword, or anything with wood in it) in the bottom slot. Now, wait for the log to get smelted and your charcoal will be ready for use. 

After gathering your stick and coal/charcoal, open your crafting table. Place the coal in the middle slot of the middle row and the stick in the slot below it. Crafting these two items together will give you a torch. 

Iron Nuggets 

You will need eight iron nuggets for crafting one lantern. They are made of iron ingots.

To make the iron ingots:

  1. Find iron ores by digging from the surface until you find cobblestone.
  2. After finding this unique stone, start digging horizontally until you find some iron ores.
  3. Farm them with stone pickaxes or something that is better than them. If you opt for wooden pickaxes, you will not get any iron from the ores! 

Convert the iron into ingots using your furnace. Simply place the iron in its upper slot and any fuel source in the bottom slot. Wait for the smelting process to complete and collect your iron ingot. 

Next, simply place the iron ingot on the crafting table. Place it in the first slot of the first row. This will give you nine-iron nuggets! Thus, you only need one iron ingot to make a lantern! 

How to Make a Lantern in Minecraft? 

How to Make a Lantern in Minecraft? 
How to Make a Lantern in Minecraft?

After collecting the required materials:

  1. Open your crafting table menu and place the torch in the middle slot.
  2. Surround it with eight iron nuggets.
  3. Craft all these items together, and your lantern will be ready for use! 

Alternatively, you can also get a lantern in Minecraft by trading an emerald with an apprentice-level librarian villager. 


How to make a Soul Lantern in Minecraft? 

Soul lanterns are just like regular lanterns but fancier! They have a blue texture to them. 

The soul lantern is made using one soul torch and eight iron nuggets. The process for crafting a soul torch is the same as that of a regular torch. There is only one small addition! Along with a stick and coal or charcoal, you will also need soul sand or soul soil. 

How to make a Soul Lantern in Minecraft? 
How to make a Soul Lantern in Minecraft?

The soul sand is found in The Nether. You can access it through the Nether Portal. After entering this ominous location, look for the soul sand at the Y coordinate 34. Once you find it, pick it up with your hands or any tool. Additionally, this sand is also found in the Nether Fortresses and Hoglin stables. Similarly, soul soil is also found in the Nether. You will find it in the soul sand valley. 

After you have your items, place the coal in the middle slot of the first row. Then, place the stick below it and the soul soil or soul sand below the stick. Crafting them together will give you a soul torch. 

Now, follow the same recipe as that of a regular lantern. Except, this time, replace the torch with the soul torch! 

Uses of Lantern in Minecraft 

Lanterns have various uses in Minecraft, including the following, 

Uses of Lantern in Minecraft 
Uses of Lantern in Minecraft

Light Sources 

Lanterns are among the sixteen Minecraft items that have a light level of 15. This makes them one of the brightest sources of light. Hence, you can use them to illuminate caves and brighten up your house. 

Protection from Hostile Mobs

Darkness attracts hostile mobs like zombies and creepers. Thus, you can use lanterns to keep yourself safe and alive! 

Protect Base

Lanterns can form a protective circle around your base and protect it from hostile mob attacks. They will surround your house with “protective” light if you place them strategically. 


Melt Snow 

Lanterns can be used for melting snow in Minecraft. You can use this feature to make spectacular designs and app extra spice to your game.

Creative Placements

Lanterns can be hung from ceilings and add a touch of aestheticism to your house! Simply build a chain from the ceiling to your desired height and hand them. 

Repel Piglins

Soul Lanterns emit blue light and repel piglins. This will save you from their attacks.


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