How to Make an Anvil in Minecraft? 

How to make an anvil in Minecraft? How to become the most powerful Minecraft player using it? 

Anvils are elite items in Minecraft that only the most experienced players have! This is because they are slightly difficult to make as they require a lot of iron. However, once you get your hands on these remarkable items, you won’t be able to stop using them! They allow you to repair enchanted items without losing the enchantments while also giving you the power to enchant one item with several power-ups in one go. Thus, investing time and effort into crafting one is definitely worth it and you should get your hands on one immediately. 

So how do you make an anvil in Minecraft? What items do you require for it? Well, keep on reading to find out! 

Making an Anvil in Minecraft

Anvils are costly items! You need 31 iron ingots for creating just one; 27 are used to create three iron blocks, and four more are needed for crafting the anvil. Thus, be prepared for severe iron mining if you want to get your hands on this exceptional Minecraft item. 

Making an Anvil in Minecraft
Making an Anvil in Minecraft

To sum it up, you need the following items for creating an anvil. 

  • 4 iron ingots 
  • 3 blocks of iron

Iron Ingots

You need to collect a total of 31 iron ingots for making one anvil. Thus, get your ax ready for a lot of mining! 

Iron ingots are made of iron. You will need to dig all the way down to Cobblestone from the surface to come across iron ores:

  1. Dig vertically until you find this unique stone and make your own mine.
  2. Start digging horizontally until you locate some iron ores.
  3. Be sure to use ladders and signs as landmarks for getting out of the mine once you are done collecting the ores. 


Moreover, remember that farming iron ores with wooden pickaxes will not give you iron! Thus, it would help if you had a stone pickaxe or something better. The stone pickaxes are made using sticks and black stones or cobblestones. 

Iron ores are also found in naturally occurring caves. However, be mindful of your steps and use a torch to illuminate your path if you want to get out of these caves alive! 

To turn iron into iron ingots, you must smelt it in the furnace. Use any fuel source for the smelting process, and your iron ingots will be ready for use. 

Blocks of Iron

Blocks of iron are made using iron ingots. We have already discussed how to get these ingots above. 

Collect at least 27 ingots to make 3 blocks of iron as each one needs nine ingots. Simply place the ingots in the crafting table menu to create the blocks. 

How to make an Anvil in Minecraft? 

After collecting the required materials:

  1. Open your crafting table.
  2. Place the three blocks of iron in the three slots of the first row.
  3. Place three iron ingots in the three slots of the last row and one in the middle slot of the middle row.
  4. Simply craft the items together and your anvil will be ready for use! 
How to make an Anvil in Minecraft? 
How to make an Anvil in Minecraft?

Anvils eventually get damaged with use. Thus, most players can only use one 25 times as there is a 12% chance of an anvil getting damaged with each use. However, if you get lucky, you may be able to squeeze out a couple of different uses! Unfortunately, after an anvil undergoes damage three times, it gets destroyed, and there is no way to repair it. 


Uses of Anvil in Minecraft 

You can use anvils for a variety of purposes. Six of them have been listed down below. However, keep in mind that anvils require currency in the form of XP! This only applies to Survival Mode, and no XP is deducted in the creative mode. 

Uses of Anvil in Minecraft 
Uses of Anvil in Minecraft

Renaming Items

Anvils allow players to rename items. You may want to rename your chests and shulkers to remember their contents. Alternatively, you may want to use them in item sorters. 

Additionally, remember that once you have renamed an item, it can not be stacked with another item of the same type but a different name. 

Getting the Organizational Wizard Achievement

If you rename a shulker box using an anvil, you will achieve the Organizational Wizard.

Combining Enchanted Items

If you combine enchanted items on the crafting table, they will lose their enchantments! However, you can successfully combine the items and add their durabilities together without losing their enchantments using an anvil. For example, combining a diamond pickaxe with Unbreaking III and Efficiency II with a diamond pickaxe having Mending and Efficiency II will create a pickaxe with combined enchantments. It will have Unbreaking III, Efficiency III, and Mending. 

Repairing Items

If you do not want to mend items using the mending enchantments, you can put them in the anvil with their parent component to repair them. For example, you can fix a netherite gear and bring it back to 100% durability by placing it in your anvil with a netherite ingot. Similarly, you can fix an elytra using the anvil and a phantom membrane. 


Using Anvils as Weapons

Anvils are anti-gravity which means that you can throw them at players. If a player gets hit by a falling anvil, they get instant damage. Thus, you can use them to kill mobs. 

Using Enchanted Books to create Multiple Enchantments

You can use enchanted books to equip items with multiple enchantments and create indestructible weapons and armors. You will need an anvil for this purpose. Simply place the enchanted book and desired item in the anvil slots and enjoy unlimited enchanted items!  

It is better to enchant items using the anvil rather than an enchanted table as you can add six enchantments to a single item with no lapis cost!


  1. Just like any block in Minecraft, you’re going to need to get a few other resources before crafting an Anvil. Listed below are all the items you will need to prepare an Anvil, as well as a screenshot demonstrating the recipe placement.


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