How to make glass in Minecraft?

How to make glass in Minecraft? How to make mystic glasshouses and stained glass masterpieces using it?

Whether you’re a Minecraft noob or a professional gamer, glass blocks are an essential material that you must-have in your inventory. They are relatively easy to make and have versatile uses. You can use them as building materials or as decorative items. You can even trade them in to get some emeralds!

So if you, too, are interested in learning how to make glass in Minecraft, keep on reading! Our step-by-step guide has got all the nitty-gritty details about making glass conveniently.

Making Glass in Minecraft

You can obtain glass easily in Minecraft. It is a convenient item that requires just three things to make; some sand, a furnace, and a fuel source for the furnace. Thus, you only need to smelt the sand to get glass blocks.

Making Glass in Minecraft
Making Glass in Minecraft

Sand in Minecraft

Sand is made using a block of sand. These are found near water sources, e.g., ocean floors and deserts. After you find one, you can use your hands to dig it. However, a faster and more convenient method is using a tool like a shovel! Use it to mine the block and get sand. Additionally, remember to pick up the same immediately! If you let the sand block stay too long, it will disappear!

Sand in Minecraft
Sand in Minecraft

Alternatively, you can find a wandering trader and trade in your emeralds for sand. One emerald will give you eight sand and four red sand.

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Furnace in Minecraft

You will need eight black stones or eight cobblestones to make a furnace. Simply open your crafting table and craft your furnace by putting eight black stones or cobblestones in the eight outer boxes. Leave the center one (middle slot in the second row) empty. Now your furnace is ready for smelting!

Furnace in Minecraft
Furnace in Minecraft

Fuel Sources in Minecraft

Several fuel sources can be used in furnaces. We have listed our favorite ones down below.

Fuel Sources in Minecraft
Fuel Sources in Minecraft

Lava Bucket

This is a fan favorite fuel source that lasts the longest and burns the most items! Additionally, the bucket remains even after the lava is used up! Thus, you can use it to store some more lava and create a never-ending fuel source!

Coal Block

Coal Blocks burn almost as lo mg as lava buckets, and you can also stack them! Thus, you can put 64 coal blocks in the furnace and smelt unlimited items!

Blaze Rods

Firstly, find a blaze mob in the Nether and attack it. Killing it will drop a blaze rod which is an extremely useful fuel source! It has better burn time than coal and can be used to burn a couple of items.

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You can get unlimited bamboo easily, which is why these fuel sources are important despite their quick burning.


Coal is useful only when the burn time is low! Thus, if you only want to burn an item or two, we recommend using coal instead of other more powerful fuel sources.


Logs are sustainable fuel sources that you really can not go wrong with!


You can create charcoal by smelting wood in the furnace. However, this means that you will have to use another fuel source to create this fuel source.

Wooden Tools

You can burn wooden tools as a furnace fuel source in Minecraft.

Dried Kelp Block

 There is practically no other use for dried kelp blocks which is why you should use them as a fuel source. However, you must dry regular kelp in a furnace to dry it before you can use it as fuel.

Mushroom Blocks, Beehives, and Wood-Based Blocks

Basically, anything with wood in it can be used as a good source of fuel in Minecraft.

How to make Glass in Minecraft?

After acquiring all the required materials, open your furnace to see the smelting menu and begin smelting sand. Now, place your fuel source in the bottom box located on the life side of the Furnaces menu. Next, place sand in the top box on the left side. Wait for the progress bar to complete and collect your glass from the furnace! Your newly made glass is ready to be used.

How to make glass in Minecraft?
How to make glass in Minecraft?

Uses of Glass in Minecraft

Glass has a variety of uses in Minecraft, which are listed down below.

Uses of Glass in Minecraft
Uses of Glass in Minecraft

Glass Panes

You can make glass panes using glass and use them as decorative items or for making windows. You can create a glass pane by placing six glass blocks in the crafting table menu; three in the top row and three in the middle row.

Stained Glass Blocks

You can also use glass to craft stained glass blocks. Simply collect a dye of your choice. Put it in the center of the crafting menu (the middle slot of the second row). Now place eight glass blocks in the surroundings to get eight stained glass blocks. You can create all sorts of colored stained glass using this technique like red stained glass, blue stained glass, or green stained glass. Moreover, you can even create stained glass panes using six colored stained glass blocks or one dye and eight glass panes.

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Glass Bottle

Another use of glass is crafting glass bottles. To craft glass bottles, put three glass blocks in the crafting table menu. Place one glass block in the top left slot, one in the top-right slot, and one in the middle second row.


Trading glass gives you emeralds! Simply trade four glass blocks with a villager to get one emerald.

Other Uses

You can make beacons, end crystals, and daylight sensors using glass.


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