How To Make Terracotta in Minecraft?

How to make Terracotta in Minecraft? How do you use it to make legendary buildings and spectacular works of art? 

Hardened clay, i.e., Terracotta, is one of the most valuable items in Minecraft that can add some serious spice to your game! You can also use it to make jaw-dropping buildings and houses. Similarly, you can color regular Terracotta or glaze it to get stained or patterned building blocks! All in all, Terracotta is a spectacular item on which every Minecraft player should get his hands! If you are also interested in learning how to make Terracotta in Minecraft, then keep on reading our step-by-step instructions guide, which covers everything there is to know about this great building block. 

Making Terracotta in Minecraft 

Terracotta is extremely easy to make in Minecraft. You only need a block of clay and a fuel source! 

Making Terracotta in Minecraft 
Making Terracotta in Minecraft

Similarly, you can also dye your Terracotta in 16 different colors. You will need various Minecraft dyes for this. 

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Block of Clay

Clay is a ubiquitous Minecraft item. You will find it along coastlines in shallow water. After locating some clay, use a shovel to mine it and get clay blocks. Make sure your shovel is enchanted with silk touch, or you will end up with clay balls instead of blocks. The clay balls will have to be crafted into a block of clay in the crafting table menu. 

However, you can also mine clay with your hands, which will tire you quickly. Additionally, this will yield clay balls that must be turned into clay blocks. 

Clay is also found in treasure chests all around the Minecraft world. These chests are found in caves, villages, dungeons, ravines, etc. 

Fuel Source

Minecraft has a variety of fuel sources. You can use charcoal, coal, dried kelp blocks, lava buckets, and other things to power your furnace! 


Make your desired dye and enjoy using colored Terracotta. The stains come in sixteen different colors. 

  • White Dye- Use bone meal as a white dye. 
  • Red Dye- Open your crafting table and place a red poppy or red rose bush in it to get the red paint. 
  • Yellow Dye- This is made  by using dandelion or sunflowers.
  • Brown Dye- Cocoa beans are used as a brown dye.
  • Green Dye- Find a cactus and smelt it to get the green shade.
  • Blue Lapis Lazuli Dye- Make a pickaxe, mine some lapis lazuli, and use them as blue dye.
  • Black Dye- Kill a squid and get an ink sac. This sac works as black dye. 
  • Light Grey Dye- Azure Bluet, white tulip flower, and oxeye daisy are used for making this dye.
  • Grey Dye- Open your crafting table and place on bone meal and one ink sac in it to get the grey paint.
  • Cyan Dye- Green color crafted with Lapis Lazuli will give you cyan dye. 
  • Magenta Dye- Crafting purple and pink shades together will provide you with this dye. 
  • Purple Dye- A lapis lazuli and red rose are used for crafting this dye. 
  • Pink Dye- Pink tulips and peonies are used for making this. 
  • Light Blue Dye- this is made using blue orchids. 
  • Orange Dye- crafting orange tulips will give you orange dye. 
  • Lime Dye- Crafting green paint and bone meal together will provide you with the lime dye. 

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How to make Terracotta in Minecraft? 

After collecting all the required materials, head over to your furnace, open it and place a fuel source in the bottom left slot and a block of clay in the top left space. After the cooking process is complete, you can collect your ready-to-use Terracotta. 

How to make Terracotta in Minecraft? 
How to make Terracotta in Minecraft?

For making colored terracotta blocks, you will need eight terracotta blocks and one dye of your desired color. Place the dye in the crafting table’s middle slot and terracotta blocks in the empty spaces. This process will allow you to get eight blocks of colored Terracotta. 

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How to find Terracotta naturally in Minecraft? 

Terracotta is also found throughout the Minecraft world. You can discover uncolored Terracotta along with white, orange, red, yellow, brown, and light grey terracotta in various locations. They are primarily found in badlands biomes. The desert biomes also hold orange and blue Terracotta, although warm underwater ruins contain light blue Terracotta. 

"How to find Terracotta naturally in Minecraft?
How to find Terracotta naturally in Minecraft?

Moreover, you can also glaze your terracotta blocks to get unique patterns. Smelt your colored block in the furnace, and it will get various ways on its surface. The patterned Terracotta will spice up your game and set you aside from other players’ traditional buildings.


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