How To Spot A Shepherd (Leader) Among The Sheep At A Workplace


Some people are born leaders. When they speak, others listen. They enjoy leverage upon the rest. Thus as a business owner, you must make sure your employees are leaders, not just members of the herd. Identify leaders from non-leader, and if the non-leaders are too many, get them training courses to become leaders.

Five qualities that differentiate a leader from non-leaders in your company:

Leaders are different from the non-leaders in the following ways:


  1. Leaders show a strong will to take the initiative and gain control of a responsibility. They embrace challenges and don’t feel disturbed with changes.
  2. Followers need a push to take a task upon themselves. They will not volunteer. They’re alright with the status quo.


  1. Leaders show creative thinking abilities, grasp things with strategic thinking, and then devise a plan for an upcoming task.
  2. Followers always need orientation and instructions. You have to give them approvals and validations about their work.

NO. 3

  1. Leaders are not fixated on one thing. They crave progress. They’re highly motivated for something new all the time.
  2. Followers are fine with the flow of things. They are not looking for anything big. They’re dependent on the leaders to back their decision.


  1. Leaders eye the finish line and pull others up. Obstacles cannot deter them. They exude positive energy and oust the confidence of their colleagues.
  2. Followers need help to see and reach the finish line. They deem reaching the finish line by hook or by crook. Some of them learn to take the initiative with time


  1. Fears do not stop leaders. They confront problems, look them in the eye, and work with confidence to the fullest potential. A leader’s resolve remains untouched.
  2. Followers let the thing go when a challenge faces them. Their decisions are weak, as their will. They look for excuses in times when they do not succeed.

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