Monitor your Children with These 5 Best Parenting Control Software


The digital networking is very common in the modern world; people have got digital devices in which they socialize with the whole world. People use digital media and social messaging apps for texting, messaging, chatting, group chatting, voice calls and videos conversations. The rain of mobile tech technology enables users to perform social media activities on instant messaging apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Yahoo, Tinder, Vine and many others. Mostly teenagers loved to do socializing no time ever before.

Parents when seeing their young kids and teens are addicted to the social media and mobile technology along with the dangers and harmful side effects of particular social tools, they tend towards to prevent the cell phone addiction and try to find out tools to monitor each and every single activity of their young kids and teens. Following are the five best software which enables parents to track every activity of kids and teens, accurately and efficiently.

1. TheOneSpy Parental Control software:

It is the world’s top parental control monitoring software having more than 130 features along with the facility of tracking all trendy instant messengers. The parental control software is a game changer, empower parents to spy on all activities such as texting, chatting, and messaging, audio and video calling, file sharing and many other activities kids and teens perform on their cell phones. TOS has plenty of features such as bug their phone, monitor all calls, IM’s, key logger, spy on messages, track GPS location, read emails, view multimedia files, view phone activities, monitor internet activities, instant alerts and remote phone controller. All these features have plenty of sub-features which include all the possible activities on the smartphone or on any social media platform. The parental control software provides all of the information along with complete time schedule.

2. Norton Family Parental Control Software:

Parents can spy on their kids online. The Norton parental control software enables parents to monitor the activities of their kids and teens using the internet on their smartphone. The software allows parents to fix parental control software browser and they can do bookmarks, history, and thumbnails as well. It helps parents to prevent all kinds’ possible web-based dangers, over sharing of pictures and other stuff and educate kids to perform appropriate internet usage. It provides the outstanding and unbelievable range of parental control solutions along with the spy features regarding obsessed internet kids. the parental software has features such as web supervision, instant locks, spy on text messages and location supervision features. Parents need to install this parental app to prevent their kids from all sort of social media dangers. It is also the best software to spy on a cheating spouse.

3. Screen Time Parental Control Software:

The screen time parental control software allows parents to monitor screen time of their kids on their digital phone, tablet and other devices. Parents can set time on the particular app or on a website in order to get control on the particular platform when time acceded from the already fixed time the app stop working. It also empowers parents to block the video games, social messaging apps and allow the apps which can help your kids in education.

Parents need to press single click and then they make time out of your kids from their devices. They can also visit all the activities which they perform on the internet through their electronic digital mobile devices such as what kind of website they visit and what they are up to on their device. The screen time software to allow users to completely block their desiring websites and social messaging applications and parents will also be able to get alerts when their kids install any application.

4. MM Guardian Parental Control Software:

The MM guardian parental control software is one of the most popular software, parents should install the software on their kid’s device first then they should install it on their own phone. It allows parents to make commands and also allow parents to control the whole configuration of their kid’s cell phone. Let’s suppose if don’t have register as guardian account, and then they should make a registration initially. The MM guardian software has powerful and handy features such as spy text message, websites, calls, and logs of their kid’s cell phone. It allows parents to monitor the location of their kids by monitoring the device of their kids with the help of the map, track location updates and lock and unlock the mobile device by just pressing the single button.

5. Toddler Lock Parental Control Software:

It is also among the top most efficient parental control monitoring software, it has plenty of colorful graphics along with the soothing sounds to get entertainment and parents will feel free from all the worries of monitoring the calls, texting, and other social media applications on smartphones devices. It is also helpful to educate young kids and teens about shapes and colors; you also have options such as airplane mode at the time, when the application is active on your target device.

Addison Albert
Addison is a journalist, social media experientialist and blogger. He is passionate technology writer and contribute towards mobile apps, cell phone spy software and social issues.



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