When Does Luffy Learn Haki?

Haki is one of the most difficult powers to master in One Piece as it requires you to manifest your spiritual energy for direction and help. It is similar to powers like Naruto’s chakra, Dragonball Super’s Ki and Bleach’s Reiatsu. With the rise of the New World, Haki became quite common in One Piece and Luffy learns to use it as well. So how does Luffy learn Haki? When does he learn it? Has he mastered it? Keep on reading to find out when and how Luffy learns Haki. 

Where Does Luffy learn Haki? 

Where Does Luffy learn Haki?
Where Does Luffy learn Haki?

Luffy learns Haki in Rusukaina Island. He attended two years of training here along with  Silvers Rayleigh. 

After the traumatic events of the Marineford War, Luffy had to take time off to improve his mental and physical health. The war was a specially hard time for him as he had to witness the death of his beloved brother, Portgas D. Ace. 

After recovering, he joined the several Haki users he met during the war to learn the skill himself. He wanted to become a better protector for his loved ones as there were several dangers in the New World. 

When does Luffy learn Haki? 

When does Luffy learn Haki? 
When does Luffy learn Haki?

Before his training, Luffy was in a death like trance. His devastation affected everybody around him. He was then taken to Trafalgar Law’s submarine by his allies. Here, he and Jimbe had to undergo surgery.

The surgery affected Luffy’s mental health and he wandered around the forest for several days. He could not get over his brother’s death for several days. This is because he fought several strong opponents and risked his life to free his brother from captivity. However, just as his brother was freed, he received a lethal punch to the gut and died. 

Jimbe helped Luffy come back to life as he reminded him of his lost crew. Thus, Luffy began his journey to recovery and ate a lot to fill his wounds. This is when he met Silvers Rayleigh who warned him of the impending dangers in the New World. Now, Luffy had to get stronger to protect his crew and save them. Thus, he began his two year training in the isolated Island. 

Using his Haki, Rayleigh found that 500 animals were more powerful than Luffy at the beginning. Thus, Luffy had to undergo serious training to become undefeated. This is when he learned Haki from Rayleigh.

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Different Forms of Haki

There are three different forms of Haki which Luffy learnt to master under Rayleigh. 

  • Observation Haki- The Observation Haki allows users to sense enemies and impending danger. It helps them know their enemy’s direction! It is so powerful that if you train enough, you can even learn to know people’s exact emotions! However, Observation Haki does not just stop here! Masters of it can even see the future and the threats that lie ahead! Rayleigh often used this form of Haki. He also used it to detect the number of powerful animals on the Island and save himself from getting hit by a strong elephant’s trunk!
  • Armament Haki- This Haki is used for fighting! It can strengthen attacks when you apply it on a weapon or body part. It can also act as armor for protection. Upon mastering the Armament Haki, users can form an aura around themselves with it. This aura harms enemies from the inside. Additionally, it is able to bypass the protective qualities of Devil Fruit and successfully harm those who eat it. Rayleigh uses this form of Haki to generate a shockwave that repels a ginormous elephant trying to attack him. 
  • Conqueror’s Haki- This form of Haki is very rare as it’s inbuilt and can’t be learnt through training! It is only present in one in a million people. Conqueror’s Haki comes from within and users can tap into themselves to use it. It makes use of the power of intimidation! Enemies with weak will powers faint if you use it! Additionally, animals are also trained with it. Rayleigh showed this Haki to Luffy by making an elephant faint! 

Luffy’s Haki Journey

In Episode 516, Luffy begins his training. He leaves his friends and helpers behind and bids them goodbye. This is because Rayleigh wanted him and Luffy to be alone on the Island  for Luffy’s training.

Rayleigh begins the training by demonstrating the different forms of Haki. He uses Observation Haki to sense the dangerous animals on the Island and dodge their attacks. He also shows Armament Haki by repelling an  elephant. Then, he displays the Conqueror’s Haki by making an elephant faint. 

In the next episode, Episode 517, Luffy learns Haki. He even learns the Conqueror’s Haki by making a Demalo Black collapse! This happened in episode 518. Then, in episode 521, he demonstrates Observation Haki by bypassing a Pacifista’s fast laser beam. He also used Armament Haki in the same episode to destroy a robot. 

Additionally, Luffy displays Haki during the battle with Doflamingo. He also uses it in his fight with Charlotte Katakuri. 

Who is Luffy’s Haki Teacher? 

Who is Luffy’s Haki Teacher?
Who is Luffy’s Haki Teacher?

Silver Rayleigh is Luffy’s Haki teacher. He is the Dark King who is the vice captain of the Roger Pirates. Rayleigh is an ally to the crew from the beginning. His wife and him like Luffy and the crew. Thus, they assist him a lot. They help him successfully run away from the Human Auction House by tapping into his Conqueror’s Haki and attacking the soldiers. He also saved them from getting killed by Admiral Kizaru using Armament Haki. 

Rayleigh has a connection with Luffy from the very beginning as he reminded him of his Old Captain. Thus, he uses all his efforts to make Luffy master Haki and become as strong as him.

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