10 Things You Need to Know about Sasuke Sister ‘Kiyomi Uchicha’

Sasuke’s Sister Kiyomi Uchiha has recently come into the limelight and we are just as surprised as you are about her existence! After binge watching Naruto for several years, we are astonished to discover that there’s one mysterious character that we never found out about! Sasuke has had a twin sister all this while and we’ve never noticed her! Kiyomi Uchiha is a beautiful kunoichi who was exiled at birth. Thus, we never found out about her! 

As soon as we heard news of Sasuke’s sister Kiyomi Uchiha, we knew we had to do some thorough research and find out all the juiciest details about this marvelous new character! Here are 10 things that you need to know about Sasuke Sister Kiyomi Uchiha. 

10 Things You need To Know About Sauke Sister Kiyomi Uchiha

10 Things You need To Know About Sauke Sister Kiyomi Uchiha
10 Things You need To Know About Sauke Sister Kiyomi Uchiha

Kiyomi Uchiha is no ordinary character. She’s strong, resilient and a powerful ninja just like her sister. Her character has allegedly appeared in quite a few Naruto scenes. But, we’ve just never been able to join the dots about her relation to Sasuke! 

#1- Sasuke Sister Kiyomi Uchiha- Who Is She? 

#1- Sasuke Sister Kiyomi Uchiha- Who Is She? 
#1- Sasuke Sister Kiyomi Uchiha- Who Is She?

Sasuke Uchiha has a twin sister named Kiyomi that was exiled at the time of her birth. This makes Kiyomi the younger sister of Itachi and Fugaku and Mikoto third child.

Kiyomi was exiled when she was born. Thus, she is able to survive the Uchiha clan massacre carried out by her brother. 

#2- Sasuke Sister- How does Kiyomi look? 

Kiyomi Uchiha is beautiful just like all other Uchihas. Her long black spikey hair are styled just like all the other members of her clan. 

Her go-to attire is a gray jacket thrown over a gray shirt. Pretty basic, right? We agree! However, she still manages to stand out in every crowd! 

Kiyomi styles her outfit with long earrings and blue sandals. She carries a blue colored backpack on missions. Additionally, she also uses bandages to cover her arms and legs during fights. 

#3- Sasuke’s Sister Kiyomi’s Personality

#3- Sasuke’s Sister Kiyomi’s Personality
#3- Sasuke’s Sister Kiyomi’s Personality

Obviously, being Sasuke’s twin, you can expect Kiyomi to be nothing less than a genius! Her brain power is similar to Itachi’s and she is well educated. She is particularly goal oriented and tends to do everything in her power to make sure she reaches them. 

Kiyomi is highly talented, both in weaponry and hand combat. She has a keen eye that looks for everything and anything that can be used to gain advantage over her enemies.

Although you might expect Sasuke’s sister to have a dark personality like her, Kiyomi is the exact opposite! She has a bright happy go lucky personality that makes her a joy for everyone around her. She is confident and jolly and we can’t help but absolutely fall in love with her! 

#4- Sasuke’s Sister- What are her abilities? 

What do you think Sasuke’s twin sister’s capabilities are? Well, let us tell you that she possesses so many talents that we can’t name them all in one go!

As a powerful kunoichi, it is not surprising that Kiyomi overpowers all her enemies. She fought dangerous characters like Itachi and Gaara without breaking a sweat! 

Kiyomi may be considered a prodigy! Her talent at Fire Style techniques is exceptional from the very start! In fact, her techniques are sometimes called better than the masters of Fire Style like Itachi and Sasuke! 

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Kiyomi was trained by Orichimaru. Thus, she specializes in snakes better than anybody else. She even has access to Ryuchi Cave snakes and we all know how difficult that is! Ren is her signature summon and it comes to her as soon as she calls out to it.

Sasuke’s sister has successfully accessed her Sharingan. Thus, she moves as fast as Flash himself and takes down enemies in a heartbeat. Her genjutse us also pretty spectacular and we’re completely in awe of her skills. 

Kiyomi’s powers and abilities are so great that she has been titles Kiyomi of the Deadly Sharingan. 

#5- Sasuke’s Sister- What happened in her past? 

We don’t know why but Sasuke’s sister was exiled at birth. Thus, she lived alone and trained alone until she met Orichimaru. However, he betrayed her and Kiyomi had to leave him too! 

With a shattered heart and broken trust, Kiyomi continued to live in isolation. She barely talked to anyone and kept to herself. She attends the Academy but skips most days and doesn’t find a master. After graduating, she completed missions alone and studied the Akatsuki and found their weaknesses. 

Kiyomi became a Kunoichi. In one of her battles, she fought Gaara. However, the fight ended on good terms and the two became friends and then lovers. 

#6- Is Sasuke’s Sister even Real?

Kiyomi Uchiha is not a real character! In fact, she’s a fan made character who several Naruto viewers have fallen in love with. Thus, if you’ve never seen her or heard of her, it is probably not your fault! All stories about her are vague and we don’t know much about her powers either.

However, Kiyomi Uchiha has become a sensational character and hundreds of Naruto fans want to know more about her. 

#7- Sasuke’s Sister Kiyomi Uchiha- Is she Alive or dead? 

Kiyomi’s story was never completed! Thus, we don’t know whether she is alive or dead.

However, she was a part of the Fourth Great Ninja War. This means that she does become an adult with Naruto and the others. 

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#8- Sasuke’s Sister- Does she appear in Naruto? 

As the character isn’t real, she doesn’t appear in any episodes. However, fans have made several scenes of her in the Naruto series. Some of them include,

  • Kiyomi is studying in the Academy.
  • She is  battling Haku even before Naruto. 
  • She received training from Orochimaru.  
  • Kiyomi takes on an entire army of ninjas making her Kiyomi of the Deadly Sharingan.
  • She participated in the Fourth Raikage battles.
  • Kiyomi and Gaara’s fight and love story.
  • She battling her brother Itachi. 

#9- Sasuke Sister Kiyomi- Who is older? 

Although we’ve seen pictures of Sasuke and Kiyomi, we don’t know a lot about their relationship. In fact, we have no idea about who’s the older twin, Sasuke or Kiyomi. 

#10- Sasuke’s Sister in Boruto Series

Kiyomi does not appear in the Boruto series. However, fans made some drawings of her in the series. In one such drawing, we see Kiyomi with Kakashi who is dressed up in a Konoha Flak Jacket. We also see a drawing of her hanging out with Sasuke as an adult.

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