Who Does Tenten Marry in Naruto?

Does Tenten marry in Naruto? Or is she a lone wolf that does not want to end up with anyone? 

Tenten is one of the most important supporting characters in Naruto. She is a fierce girl boss with looks that could make any guy’s heart stop! So who is her love interest in Naruto? Is she dating someone? Does she get married in the Naruto epilogue? Keep on reading to find out the juiciest details about Tenten’s love life including her marriage in Naruto.

Did Tenten Marry in Naruto?

Did Tenten Marry in Naruto?
Did Tenten Marry in Naruto?

Naruto’s epilogue shows several happy couples! A lot of them are characters we were rooting for since the first episode. The list of married couples includes:

  • Naruto and Hinata
  • Shikamaru and Temari
  • Sasuke and Sakura
  • Chouji and Karui
  • Kiba dating Tamaki

However, some of the characters ended up alone without getting married.

Unfortunately, Tenten is also among the unmarried couples in Naruto. She does not marry anyone as her love life was never properly discussed in Naruto.

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Several people predicted that Tenten would end up with Neji. However, their story is very complicated and the producers did not give us any closure about their relationship.

Moreover, we see Tenten focusing on shuriken and kunai throughout Naruto. She did not give much thought to boyfriends and love interests. Thus, it is no surprise that she does not end up getting married like all the other characters.

Who does Tenten Marry in Naruto- Tenten’s relationship with Rock Lee

Naruto did not show Tenten marrying anyone. Similarly, several other important characters like Kankuro, Kiba, Gaara, Rock Lee and Shino also do not have any love interests in their adulthood.

Who does Tenten Marry in Naruto- Tenten’s relationship with Rock Lee
Who does Tenten Marry in Naruto- Tenten’s relationship with Rock Lee

Throughout the series, we see Tenten hanging out in her weapons shop and helping the villagers fight Isshiki. However, she was unsuccessful in her mission and suffered an embarrassing loss at the hands of Isshiki.

Tenten does not seem to be romantically involved with anyone throughout her adulthood period. Thus, she was either very good at hiding her relationships or she is actually single.

Does Tenten Marry Rock Lee in Naruto?

In the first two parts of Naruto, we see Tenten being closer to Neji than Rock Lee. There seem to be no romantic feelings between the two. In fact, Rock Lee also finds someone else! He gets engaged to Might Guy who is the leader of the group. Thus, Tenten was more like an older sister and Neji seemed like the older brother with Rock Lee being the younger and more loved brother.

Does Tenten Marry Rock Lee in Naruto?
Does Tenten Marry Rock Lee in Naruto?

However, Rock Lee matures a lot throughout the series. His character goes through several changes. He was not a part of the hidden novels. However, his role was discussed in the postwar parts. He even attended Naruto’s wedding where Tenten asks him to act more maturely.

Naruto’s sequel series, Boruto, also does not show Tenten and Rock Lee interacting with each other. However, some fans still predict that the two got romantically involved and ended up having a child called Metal Lee. Fans have linked Metal Lee to Tenten because the two share one huge similarity! Both of them have slanted eyes! Apart from this, Metal Lee does not seem to resemble Tenten.

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Fans could be right and Tenten and Rock Lee could have feelings for each other. However, neither Naruto nor Boruto show the two together as a couple officially. We will simply have to wait and see how accurate this information is! If the two really are together, the Boruto series is bound to show their relationship at some point.

Does Tenten Marry Neji in Naruto?

Tenten and Neji are close from the very beginning in Naruto. They seem like a perfect couple and fans have been shipping the two since part 1. Unfortunately, they seem to have a professional relationship with no romantic feelings involved. They spend a lot of time together but are never shown as more than friends! Thus, Tenten and Neji are merely best friends who do not get married in Naruto. However, they do have a lot of admiration and respect for each other.

Does Tenten Marry Neji in Naruto?
Does Tenten Marry Neji in Naruto?

There was a small chance of Tenten and Neji getting together at the end. However, Neji dies suddenly in Naruto and the two do not get a chance to take their relationship forward.

Tenten does not get a lot of coverage in the manga and anime series. Her background and relationship status are both mysterious to fans till now!


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