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Emily Williamson is a Technical Writer at Goodcore Software. It is a bespoke software development company in the UK. We focused on helping entrepreneurs, small, and medium businesses create competitive and winning software. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about technology innovation, mobile apps and software solutions.

7 Tips on Building an AI Startup in 2020

Remember when the sentence, “Artificial Intelligence will be the next big thing!” was very common in the tech sphere? We have finally entered the era where AI is the big thing. There is only one way to go in this field, and that is forward.


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Renting a Car – 6 Things You Need To Know Before

Renting a car can be fun and affordable, but it's important to know the ins and outs of the process before you get behind...

How to Improve Remote Work Communication

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, remote working has become the new normal. And even though the end of the pandemic...

How to save money – tips for a small business

As a small business, there is nothing more important than keeping costs down. There Are some tried-and-tested methods out there, but this article breaks...

How to Edit Gaming Videos through the Gaming Video Editor like TunesKit AceMovi

Gaming is one of the most popular video genres on YouTube nowadays. This is the main reason why most gamers these days make their...