How to defeat the Warden in Minecraft?

How to defeat the Warden in Minecraft? How do you avoid his sonic shrieks and powerful combat attacks? 

Minecraft has just released its latest update, 1.19 and introduced the game’s most dangerous enemy in it! The Warden is a deathly hostile mob in Minecraft that gives a tough time to even the most experienced players! Defeating him is no piece of cake, as only two of his hits can take you down in seconds! However, if you play your cards right and use the right tactics, you can successfully defeat this terrifying enemy. Refer to our Warden guide to find out everything there is to know about this hostile mob, including all the tips and tricks for defeating him. 

How to find the Warden in Minecraft? 

Before battling the Warden, you need to find him. He can only be found in the deep dark biome’s ancient cities in Minecraft. If you are not sure about whether you are in the right biome, simply look for sculk blocks that only grow here. 

The Deep Dark biome is mostly located at a height below y=-35. Simply dig down in the negative height values after locating this cave biome, and you will come across an ancient city! Here, you can spawn the Warden.

How to find the Warden in Minecraft? 
How to find the Warden in Minecraft?

Alternatively, you can enable cheats in the game through the game settings to locate the Ancient City. Simply enter the command, ‘/locate structure Minecraft:ancient_city’ in the Java Edition or ‘/locate ancientcity’ in the Bedrock Edition. This will give you access to the coordinates of the Ancient City that is closest to you. You can simply teleport there and spawn the Warden directly! 

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After reaching the Warden’s biome, you will need to create sound and vibrations. This will make him appear! 

The Warden’s Combat Strategies in Minecraft 

Let’s discuss everything you should know about the Warden’s various attacks and abilities before getting into his battle strategy. This way, you can avoid them and save yourself from getting killed in minutes by this hostile mob! 

Here is everything you need to know about the Warden’s powers, 

The Warden’s Combat Strategies in Minecraft 
The Warden’s Combat Strategies in Minecraft

Basic Facts 

  • He is blind. Thus, he can not see you and detect you. Instead, he relies on his smelling powers to find you. Additionally, he can also detect vibrations. 
  • The Warden can sniff enemies from a distance of 20 blocks! 
  • He can climb on single blocks without breaking them.
  • He can detect even the smallest of vibrations! They anger him and cause him to go into angry mode! 
  • The Warden can not be trapped in lava or water. He is immune to damage caused by lava and drowning. Additionally, he can also walk on them and cross them easily. 


  • Darkness Effect- 

The sculk blocks have to sculk sensors that can detect vibrations. They send signals to the Warden and alert him of your presence. Each sculk sensor can detect vibrations up to a radius of 9 blocks. However, you can avoid activating them by sneaking! You can also place a wool block between yourself and the sensor to avoid triggering it. 

If the sculk sensor is activated, the Warden finds your location and hits you with the darkness effect. This reduces your visibility to a few blocks that are around you. However, you can drink the Potion of Night Vision! This will increase your visibility to a few extra blocks. 

  • Combat 

The Warden loves killing people and mobs with his bare hands! His attacks can even overpower Netherite armour sets! Thus, he can kill you with one or two hits easily.

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  • Sonic Shriek

If the Warden can not physically get his hands on you, he will use his deadly sonic shriek. The sound comes from his chest and causes the same damage as his combat attacks. It also throws you five blocks away. 

However, the sonic shriek can only affect one player or mob at a time. Thus, if another player is playing with you, the shriek will only kill one of you! 

How to defeat the Warden in Minecraft? 

Beating the Warden is no joke! He is among the toughest enemies of Minecraft. Thus, you should be prepared for a terrifying fight! Here are a few tips and tricks for making your battle easier. 


Firstly, you need Netherite armor to fight the Warden. Although it can only take two hits, other forms of armor are worse! Anything below it will cause you to die by a single hit! 

To increase the number of hits, you can take, use armor enchantments. You can equip all your items with Protection IV or use the Swift Sneak Pants enchantment. This will increase your sneaking speed and allow you to travel faster in the ancient city without setting off any sculk sensors. 


Although you may want to fight the Warden with swords, we recommend against it. Instead, we advise players to use bows or tridents or any weapon which does not require close proximity for dealing damage. 

How to defeat the Warden in Minecraft? 
How to defeat the Warden in Minecraft?


Be prepared for a lot of fatal blows when fighting the Warden. Thus, make sure that you have healing potions on hand for quickly recovering and saving yourself from dying. Keep an enchanted golden apple or two with you at all times. Additionally, cooked food items are a great way to recover health quickly.

Special Items

Have the following special items on hand for attacking the Warden.

Snowballs, arrows, and eggs to distract him.

Night Vision Potion to counter the Darkness Effect

Building blocks to decrease the Warden’s attacks strengths. 

Cobwebs to save yourself from getting hurt when falling. 

Battle Strategy for defeating the Warden

Now that you have the right equipment, you are ready to go into battle. Follow the steps given below to take down the Warden.


  • Make noise and spawn the Warden. Then, make a tower that is six blocks high. Place cobwebs on its top, bottom, and sides. The top cobweb will cancel out any knockback from the shriek. The bottom ones will protect you when you fall. 
  • Climb to the top of the tower and attack the Warden with arrows. Enchant your bow with enchantments like Punch II or Power V to increase the intensity of your attacks! 
  • The Warden will try to attack you with his hands. If you avoid that, he will release his sonic shriek from his chest. Avoid the shriek by jumping into the tower! The top and bottom cobwebs will decrease the resulting damage. Make sure to heal yourself with potions and food before exiting the tower. 
  • Kill the Warden using end crystals. You will need eight of them to defeat him successfully. Simply collect eight crystals by combining seven glasses, one eye of ender, and one gas tear to make one of them. Next, place one crystal on a block of obsidian and break it when the Warden gets close to it. The resulting blast damage will deal considerable damage to your enemy. 
Battle Strategy for defeating the Warden
Battle Strategy for defeating the Warden

Other Strategies 

If you do not want to go into battle with the Warden, use the two methods given below to defeat him. 

Trapping the Warden 

Trap the Warden by creating a small pit of cobwebs. Put a trapdoor on top of the pit. When he steps on it, activate the trap by using a pressure plate or lever. This will trap the Warden, and you can slowly kill him using enchanted swords. Just make sure to run away when he uses his sonic shriek, and you will be safe! 

Warden vs Wither 

You can kill two birds with one stone using this method! The Wither is also a scary enemy in Minecraft that spawns in the Deep Dark biome. Spawn him and then hide. The Wither will move around and activate sensors with his vibrations. This will cause the Warden to appear! Both enemies will begin attacking each other and continue to fight until one dies. Although it is highly likely that the Wither will die first, the strategy is still beneficial as it will greatly reduce the health bar of the Warden. Simply swoop in and deal with one or two attacks and emerge victorious. 

Warden vs Iron Golems 

The Iron Golems are hostile mobs that attack anyone and everyone in their sight. Hence, they will begin attacking the Warden as soon as they see him. However, you will need six to eight golems for this method to work. 

Prevent the Warden from Spawning in Minecraft

The Warden is a tiring enemy. Defeating him takes a lot of time and energy. Thus, you may want to visit the ancient city without spawning him. To do this, you will need to stop the sculk sensors from activating. This is done by crouching. Additionally, make sure not to place any items on the ground or break them, as this will trigger the sensors. The sensors, in turn activate the Sculk Shrieker, which spawns the Warden.

Prevent the Warden from Spawning in Minecraft
Prevent the Warden from Spawning in Minecraft

You can also let him despawn by hiding from him for sixty seconds. If the Warden does not detect activity for this long, he automatically despawns. It is important to keep yourself well hidden as this horrific enemy will not disappear if he can smell you. 


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