How to Enable Screen Share in Discord

Discord is a popularly used chat server supporting remarkable features voice and messages in Discord. Commonly used for social and business groups along with gaming, what most people oversee is the complete video calling and screen sharing solution this platform has to offer.

The video sharing can host up to ten people in one live chat along with simultaneous screen sharing. This is a unique and particularly useful feature that is integrated within the Discord app itself and requires no additional installation.

With this feature integrated within the Discord app, it has come up as a challenging competitor for all other video calling applications. I have compiled this article to give a detailed guide on how to set up screen share and video call in Discord.

Setting Up or Enable Screen Share and Video Calling on Discord

Although this is quite an easy process, however, before going on with that, it is crucial to ensure that your video and audio calling hardware are properly set up with your Discord app. To get started, set up your preferred webcam and microphone that you want to use in video chat.

Web Camera Settings

To start:

  1. Go to the settings page by clicking on the cog icon present right next to the username- in the lower left-hand corner of Discord interface. 
  2. Open App Settings from the menu presents on the left-hand side and from there select Voice and Video option. This option allows users to adjust voice and video chat preferences.
  3.  Select video camera from the drop-down present in Video Settings 
  4. A “Test Video” option is available on the right to ensure everything is in working order. 
  5. While using Discord browser app instead of the standalone client, you need to enable the camera from the pop-up. 
  6. To confirm access, click on allow button.

This allows the Discord application to access the device’s microphone and camera. This further ensures everything is in working order.

How to Add Friends in your Call List in Discord

To set up a calling group on Discord, you need to be friends with everyone you want to add in the group video call. You can quite as well get started with the video call if you have this aspect covered.

However, if you are still relatively new to the platform, access the Homepage by clicking on the Discord icon. This is present on the top left corner of the screen, above the list of your affiliated discord servers. Once done with that, go on with the following steps:

  1. Click on Friends by opening the Friend List 
  2. From this list, you can either over the username of a friend to display the option of the video call. If not that, you can also click on the username of your friend and open the DM window. From this window, you can start the video call by clicking on the options present.

For iOS or Android clients, video calling option is also available by tapping on the triple dot icon present in the top right corner.

How to use the video call and enable screen share feature in Discord on Desktop

Once you are connected with your friends over a video call, there are several other features you can make use of. Here are some options you can make use of screen share feature:

1. Expand Down Arrow Option 

The Expand Down Arrow is present on the far left corner of the screen. While in a video call, you can expand your video screen to maximum height set by Discord by clicking on on the arrow.

2. Enable Screen Share from a Video Call 

To enable screen share option while in a video call, you can make use of the two options present at the bottom of the screen. By now, you should be in terms of the “video call” option. However, the icon present on the left with a monitor screen sporting an arrow at the centre is the Screen Share icon.

Swapping video calls and screen sharing can occur anytime within the call. With the screen share option, you can choose a specific monitor screen or application window to share. This swapping back and forth between monitor share and application can also go on by clicking on the screen share option with screen sharing going on.

3. Leave Call Button

The very name of this button depicts what it does, and there is little that can be added to that. When pressed, it drops the call, so it’s better to not click on it accidentally.

4. Toggle Full Screen

This icon allows users to fully expand the video screen regardless of what the current view presents. The ESC key or the view selector/collapse icon allows exiting the full screen.

Final Words

Discord is a fully functional and highly useful application. Although its popularity is restricted the use of text and voice chat features, its video call and enable screen share options are, in fact, remarkable. And if you have spent most of your time remaining in the dark about it, hopefully, this article has got you covered on it all.

Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson is a brand strategist at My Ultimate Success Tips a.k.a MUS Tips.


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