7 Things you need to know about Discord Bot

To maximize productivity on a server, adding a discord bot to your server is a great way. They fetch useful data, send notifications, moderate conversations, schedule events and a lot more. Let’s look at seven things you should know about discord bot:

1. Unofficial Bots 

There are many unofficial bots that do much more than these, for instance calling on real phone numbers, display player career statistics for games or add server statistics readout. Not all of these bots are free to use and install without any guarantee of staying updated with the latest Discord version. Some of them, however, are very popular and present useful and fun extras that help spice your server up. 

2. Discord Nitro 

You can also sign up for Discord Nitro at a minimal subscription price, functioning more like a tip jar and status symbol than an upgraded app version. Some functional perks are added to it, including HQ screen sharing, larger image uploading caps, and much more.

Many people remain confused and thing whether Discord Nitro Is Worth Paying or Just a Waste of Money? However, as per the experts, paying for Discord Nitro subscription worth every penny when you are a leader or a large community or a group that has many active users—then paying for Nitro worth. Because you and your members will get a lot of additional Nitro features such as a new set of global Discord emotes, improved Go Live streaming, and increased file-size limit.

3. Streamers 

Discord is a good option for Twitch or YouTube streamers with any audience size, as they can manage their following size easily here. Viewers are provided with more flexibility than a regular Twitch chat window. 

4. Discord for large groups 

Discord shines the most in some areas of which management of large groups is among the top. When making a Discord server, channels can be separated with different access permission levels for various user groups. Popular servers are prevented from putting all in a big thread of voice-chat or message like this.

A Discord served managed well looks a lot like an organized message dashboard in a lot of ways. It has locked guideline and announcement threads on the top and many other specific areas for people so they can gather down below. The difference lies in the real-time flow of items and most channels being enabled with voice chats as well.  

5. Discord for Small groups 

If you want to play with 10-12 or fewer friends, Discord is a perfect tool even in this case, to keep tabs on whoever is available for playing. Others can be notified about what games are being played, so other users are not required to check the different programs to check who is online and what is everyone up to. If you have friends playing on various games, a separate voice chat channel can be opened while you are still able to perform text chat also you can add Discord game status.

6. Available for use on different OS

Discord can now be used on both Mac and Windows computers and can be easily accessed by downloading and running the app or even in the browser at its official site. There are some limitations in the browser version, as it may not be able to detect a webcam or more than one audio devices. The screen share function is also not available on the browser version that lets users stream desktops or particular windows with up to nine more users.  

Furthermore, it is also available on iOS and Android devices, that has many features same as that on the desktop version. Mobile versions, however, do not have the screen sharing option. However, video calls are still enabled for all users, and you can also receive a screen share video from users on desktop.

7. Better than VoIP 

Discord is a better option than Skype and other VoIP options when you have to talk to a small friend group while you play some games. It stands out by providing you with an opportunity to run the app in the browser, that lets you alter mic levels of individual people and offers an overall lower-latency voice chat. As a result, helping you talk too many people across the globe.

If you have the Discord app in your computers, it can be easily accessed by an overlay while you play games. You can either tweak audio levels or type stuff quickly without the need of Alt/Tab to any other window.

We have discussed seven different things about Discord bots and how it is a handy option for you to enjoy on your PC. The various advantages provided by the service must be enjoyed and played around with when you install it in your PC.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to innovation and future technologies but the passion keeps him in this field.



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