Monday, February 19, 2018


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Mobile App Development Process

4 Steps For Making Your Mobile App Development Process Efficient

So you have decided to develop an app and are all set to start your app development process. Well, in any app development process,...
App Development

4 Advantages of Android as a Platform for App Development

As soon as you decide to create a mobile app, a second decision follows either Android or iOS? If you have an experienced developers...
Android Developer

6 Skills To Consider Before Hiring Android Developer

So, you have been planning to develop an Android application for your business and are looking for proficient Android Developer for the same? Well,...

Selected KPI to Measure Your Mobile App Development With

So, the first and foremost thing for those who don’t belong to the app world, what is KPI? KPI is key performance measuring standards....
Super Like

Tinder now Uses Artificial Intelligence to Suggest who to Super Like

We all know that what Tinder and Tinder Super Like is. Tinder is a dating app and is quite easy to use. Tinder has...
Android Users

Android Users, It’s Time to Safeguard Yourself from Getting Exploited

The next generation of Android has been out and people are going crazy about it. On the surface Android 8.0 Oreo is a subtle...