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Gaming Myths

10 Gaming Myths You Are Probably Not Aware Of

The internet is full of urban legends, and the gaming part of the web isn’t far from it. Different myths surround various games from...
How Does 3D Printing Works

All you Need to Know about 3D Printing

Technological innovations like 3D printing and 3D pens are taking the world by storm – perhaps a bit but still people are going wild after...

3 Ways to Maximize your Experience with the Facebook Desktop Version

Social media is the most buzzing platform that has got everyone hooked on to it! Be it for personal, commercial or business use; social...

7 Ways MPLS VPN is Effective for Your Business

You have to face lots of hazards while running a business. Issues with networking problem can make you more irritated. You do not want...
Chromebook to launched by the end of this year

Here’s The New Google Chromebooks That Will Change The Game

Google Chromebooks first launched were for general public who wanted a quick, secure and easy computer technology. Chromebooks are just simple to use like...
Extend the Battery Time of Smartphone

8 Ways to Extend the Battery Time of Smartphone

Testing numerous methods with the latest operating system of iPhone and Android proved that you can extend the battery time of the smartphone. As...