Monday, October 23, 2017


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Cyber Crimes

9 Ways to Keep Your Company Safe from Cyber Crimes

The internet has become an online arena full of hackers, scammers and other cyber criminals battling each other out in hopes of being the...
interactions with people

How Do Headphones Influence Our Interactions with People

How can such a device influence our interactions with people? Is it possible to become isolated if you wear a headset all the time?...

Renting vs. Buying Your Own Wireless Router: Which Option is better?

If you have cable Internet, chances are that you rent a modem/router from your ISP for a monthly fee. With ISPs increasing their rental...
Second Life Events

Top 10 Events in Second Life You Should Not Miss

If you want to live your virtual life to the fullest in Second Life, do you know what you should do? You should attend...
second life

Second Life – Create your Virtual World with your Imagined Stories

Second Life (SL) was launched back in 2003 but hit an average of 62,000 concurrent users in May 2009. Later, their portfolio was extended...
Trends Small Businesses

Technology Trends Small Businesses Shouldn’t Ignore

Keeping up with the rapid pace of tech innovation is tricky, especially when you have core business aspects to tackle on a daily basis....