Best Hearthstone Decks Type with Pros and Cons

Are you a beginner in Hearthstone and looking out for ways to understand and play the game better? Or perhaps you want to know more about the various best Hearthstone decks type that your opponent can use? Either way, we’ve got the answers to your questions. In this article, we will explain all-powerful, and top hearthstone decks type in detail to make the game a little easier for you.

Importance of Deck Types in Hearthstone

A player needs to know with which deck type their opponent is playing. Knowing about the deck is necessary because a deck type will not only determine the winning condition of your opponent but also the way your opponent will play. When you have this kind of information about your opponent, defeating him will be much easier.

Main Archetypes Decks in Hearthstone

Best Decks in Hearthstone are mainly divided into three archetypes which have been discussed below. 

1. Aggro

Aggro deck is short for “Aggressive Deck”. Aggro decks mainly focus on defeating the enemy as fast as possible by putting cheap minions on your board, using spells and weapons. Also, while your opponent will try to build their board, in the early game, you will face them and damage their health quickly. The standard aggro decks include Aggro Shaman, Mech Shaman, Aggro Paladin, Face Hunter Deck, Aggro Druid and Aggro Rogue.


The benefit of using aggro is that it is quite cheap when compared to the other 2 main archetypes and this is why many beginners prefer to opt for aggro. On top of this, aggro decks are best against mid-range. Obviously, the deck can win against a control deck as well but you will need to be a bit more careful and plan out your strategy wisely.


While there are many chances of you getting damaging your opponent in the early game due to the cheap minions. However, if you fail to do so, the game will get quite tricky for you as your opponent will get to use their best cards on board during the mid and late game. This is because aggro decks do not have cards for stalling, healing or taunt minions. Also, this deck is not the best against control decks.

2. Control

One of the best Hearthstone Decks; Control decks are pretty much the opposite of aggro decks as they focus on slowly building the game, taking control of the board and finally moving towards victory. Control decks use taunt minions and healing cards in the early game to maintain a steady game. However, in the late game control deck provides you with the facility to use strong spells and minions to wipe out your enemy. Some top decks in Hearthstone that fall under the control deck category include Control Warrior Deck, Control Paladin, Control Priest, Renolock and Handlock.


Control deck gives you the advantage of strategizing against your opponent and enjoy your victory after a tough game. If played properly, control deck is an asset against an aggro deck and combo deck.


The downside of Control Decks is that they are expensive and the games are often long. Control deck is also not the best deck against mid-range.

3) Mid-range

This deck lies in between of an aggro and control deck. It focuses on getting control of the board in the early game and then facing the opponent during mid-game. Many a times you win before reaching the late game. However if you do so, mid-range has powerful cards for that as well. This is because unlike aggro its cards aren’t very cheap and you can purchase a strong minion or spell to defeat your enemy. Some popular mid-range decks are Mid-range Druid, Mid-range Hunter, Mid-range Paladin, Mech Mage, Tempo Mage, Raptor Rogue, and Secret Paladin.


A deck like mid-range will always keep your opponent on its feet as you do not know what to expect next. Moreover, the cards in Mid-range are not overpriced or very cheap giving you some very powerful cards against your enemy. In fact, mid-range is an amazing deck against control decks and often leads to victory against them.


Since the early game of mid-range isn’t very strong, it is not the best deck against aggro. However, with a little practice you can play beautifully against an aggro as well.

Main Sub-Archetypes Decks in Hearthstone

All of the best Hearthstone Decks are further divided into sub archetypes. These sub archetypes are a part of the main archetypes but are somewhat more specific than them when it comes to the strategy and cards. We have discussed the various sub archetypes below:

1) Token

Token decks are a sub archetype of aggro deck. Their main focus is to use cheap minions, which are often referred to as tokens, and buff them. Example- Token Shaman Deck

2) Zoo

Zoo decks come under the category of both aggro and control deck. This is because this deck focuses on using lots of cheap minions and pressuring your opponent to such an extent that you get board control. Example- Zoolock Deck

3) Combo

Combo decks are usually control decks. This deck is referred to as a combo as its winning condition is often a particular combination of cards. This deck either provides direct damage to the opponent or you make a strong move after 2 or 3 turns through combinations of cards and make multiple kills. Example- Combo Priest

4) Tempo

Tempo deck is often considered as a sub archetype of mid-range deck. This deck mainly focuses on maintaining the momentum throughout the game as you use your cards wisely. When playing a tempo deck, you take control of the board and make trades wherever required. Example- Tempo Mage

Hope you like our new post on best Hearthstone decks archetypes and sub-archetypes. Let us know through the comment which we have missed.

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