Face Hunter Deck – the Review of Top and Best Hearthstone Deck

Face Hunter is an aggro deck which is usually able to defeat the enemy quite quickly. Its primary strategy is to damage the opponent and not his minions directly.

Face Hunter Deck Strategy

i. Initial Stage

Start the game with “Clear the Way” or “Toxic Reinforcements”. After playing either of these cards, opt for “Rush Minions”. Rush minions are ideal for destroying your enemy’s threats and damaging his health. Fill your board with as many Rush minions as you can.

ii. Mid-Stage

It is no longer necessary in the latest version of Face Hunter to use Steady Shot Hero Power again and again after each turn. However, it is preferable to use it when you are going to use “Toxic Reinforcements”, “Phase Stalker” or “Dragonbane”.

iii. Late Stage

To end your game, use cards that will help you face your opponent and move towards victory. You can use cards such as “Kill Command” or “Unleash the Hounds”. These cards will be the final blow, and your opponent will be unable to win.

Make trades wherever required and use a lot of rush minions to defeat your opponent. When you are playing against a Control Warrior Deck, you have to use your resources wisely to make them last throughout the game.

15 Face Hunter Deck cards – Top Hearthstone Deck

Listed below are some of the important cards of Face Hunter deck which is one of the top hearthstone decks:

1) Unleash the Hounds

This classic hunter spell is a steal for the price of 3 mana crystals. It allows your hero to summon 1/1 Hounds that are equipped with Charge for every minion that your enemy possesses. It’s best to use this card when the enemy has several minions on board. You can also combine Unleash the Hounds with several other powerful cards to maximize its effects. For example, by combining it with Starving Buzzard, you can draw a card each time you summon a hound. 

2) Kobold Sandtrooper

This is a typical minion that costs 2 mana crystals. Its stats are 2/1 attack/health. Although its stats aren’t that great, its true power lies in its Deathrattle. Once this minion is destroyed, it decreases your opponent’s health by 3.

3) Hunter’s Pack

Another great spell, Hunter’s Pack, equips your hero with several ways to damage your opponent for the price of only 3 mana crystals. It allows you to add a random Hunter Beast to your hand. This can include several powerful beasts like Starving BuzzardTundra RhinoSavannah Highmane and many more. Not only this, but it also adds a random secret and weapon to your hand. This includes secrets such as Freezing Trap and Misdirection. Get your hand on this powerful card as soon as you can to guarantee an easy win!

4) Quick Shot

A great hunter spell that is essential in this deck type. Face Hunter is all about putting pressure, and this card is one of most aggressive cards present in hearthstone. It costs 2 mana crystals and is from the Blackrock Mountain set. It allows you to deal 3 damage to your enemy. Moreover, if your hand is empty, it also allows you to draw a card. This card is probably the most damage 2 mana crystals card in the deck. 

5) Explosive Trap

This is a classic Hunter spell costs 2 mana crystals. It equips your hero with a powerful secret. This secret gives your hero the power to damage every enemy minion by decreasing their health by 2 every time your hero is attacked. Damage caused by battlecries, spells and hero powers will not activate this secret. It can only be activated by a direct physical attack from the opponent or the opponent’s minions. Use this card when your opponent has several minions on board.

6) Freezing Trap

Freezing Trap is a classic Hunter Spell that is a must-have in this deck. It triggers a secret that has two effects. First, it returns the enemy minion to its owner when it attacks. Then, it modifies its cost so that it costs 2 more mana crystals. This spell costs 2 mana crystals which is exceptionally cheap considering its powerful ability. Make sure to get your hands on this card in the early phase of the game to ensure an easy win. The spell’s triggered effect will not come into play if some other card like Vaporise neutralizes the minion’s attack. However, it is essential to consider the risks before using this card. If your enemy has a minion that has a strong Battlecry or Deathrattle, this spell might just be advantageous to them.  

7) Lifedrinker

Lifedrinker is a fantastic minion beast that costs 4 mana crystals. Its stats are 3/3 attack/health. Moreover, it is also equipped with an extremely powerful battlecry. It damages your enemy’s hero by 3 points while allowing your hero to gain 3 health. This is great if the game is approaching fatigue as the card will tire your opponent out while restoring your hero’s health. 

8) Flanking Strike

This hunter spell costs 4 mana crystals. It is a common card that has two effects. First, it reduces the health of a random minion by 3. Then, it allows your hero to gain a Wolf whose stats are 3/3. It attacks an enemy minion unless there are no enemy minions on board. Then, it is forced to strike a friendly minion. Be sure to keep this in mind when playing this card.

9) Dragonbane

This Mech Minion costs 4 mana crystals. It is of legendary rarity and belongs to the Descent of Dragons pack. The stats of this minion are 3/5 attack/health. Its main power is its ability to decrease the health of the enemy or an enemy minion by 5 after you use your hero power. If you use passive hero powers like Bewitch, then dragonbane does not come into play. 

10) Kill Command

This is another great hunter spell that costs 3 mana crystals. Its primary ability is to deal damage which varies depending on the circumstances. If you have a beast on board, then you can deal 5 damage to your opponent. But if you do not have a beast, you can only deal a 3 point damage to your opponent. Make sure always to have a cheap, friendly beast like Timber Wolf in your hand so that you can use it before playing this card. Another great tip is not to use this card until your hero has a powerful minion on board with health that is at least 5 points. 

11) Toxic Reinforcements

This Epic Face Hunter spell costs only one mana crystal, making it ideal for usage in the early phase of the game. This card has a side quest which requires you to make use of your hero power three times. It will then reward you by equipping your hero with three Leper Gnomes whose stats are 1/1. This means that you can deal 6 damage to your opponent for the price of only one mana crystal! Combine Toxic Reinforcements with the Phase Stalker card to make sure your enemy doesn’t get ahead of you. Phase stalker brings a secret from your deck into play after you make use of your hero power. Both of these cards used together can exert maximum pressure in aggressive decks like Face Hunter.

12) Faceless Corruptor

This is a rare minion that costs 5 mana crystals. Its stats are fantastic and with a set of 4/4 attack/health. This minion is equipped with “rush”. This helps the minion to be played as soon as it is placed on the board. Moreover, it also has a strong battlecry that changes one of your minions into an exact copy of this. This means that you can deal with a total of 8 damage to your opponent for the cost of 5 mana crystals. This card can also transform a 1/1 minion into a 4/4 minion which is quite extraordinary!

13) Scavenging Hyena

This is a spectacular minion that costs 2 mana crystals. The stats of this common minion are 2/2. Every time one of your hero’s beasts die, the Scavenging Hyena increases its stats by +2/+1. Make sure that you have several weak beasts on board before making use of this card. On the appointed day (on the 5th day of the cycle) I started the treatment. On the 9th day, I did an ultrasound. Imagine my surprise when a few good follicles grew in the lazy ovaries. We continued monitoring my state a few more days. On the 15th day, they were of the right size. The side effects are numerous, you can read more at https://www.ncmutuallife.com/buy-clomid-online/. Once this card is sufficiently buffed up, your opponent will have to take considerable damage to destroy it.

14) Desert Spear

This is a common Hunter Weapon from the Saviors of Uldum set. It costs 3 mana crystals with 1 attack and 3 durabilities. Once your hero attacks, Desert Spare equips you with a 1/1 Locust. Not only this, but the Locusts have rush which means that they can be played on the same turn that they’re put on the board. 

15) Diving Gryphon

Diving Gryphon is a must-have Beast Minion from the Descent of Dragons pack. It is rare and costs 3 mana crystals. Its stats are 4/1 attack/health. This minion is equipped with a rush. Moreover, its battlecry also enables you to draw another Rush Minion. It allows you to deal 4 damage for only 3 mana crystals making it the perfect card to be used in the Face Hunter deck.

To Sum up

With a win rate of 50+%, this mighty Face Hunter Deck makes up for its money by enabling you to almost always emerge victorious if you play your cards right. This is the same as Bomb Warrior Deck and Zoolock Deck.

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