Best Tactics of Digital Marketing in 2020 That You Should Know

As we know that this is an era of internet and technology. The marketing of the products by using the internet and digital technology is known as digital marketing. Digital technology had come into existence in the 1990s and it has completely changed the ways of marketing for brands and businesses. In 2020, there will be many reasons to use digital marketing as a huge amount of online traffic, existing and start-up competitors, a huge amount of online customers and tell the audience about the properties of your products and services. Some essential tactics of digital marketing for 2020 are given below;


Human beings are social animals and they have hearing and listening skills to interact with each other. That’s why some social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn are so popular among people. Therefore, if you want to constantly engage with your customers, you should be active on these social media sites. These social media sites will send tons of visitors to your site. In order to interact with them and provide them with the best customer support services, you should try to install a chatbot on your website. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can install such chatbots on our websites that can provide the answers to the frequently asked questions of the customers just like human beings.

Omnichannel Marketing:

Nowadays, consumers are more sophisticated than the consumers of the past. Therefore, before using any product, they try to get enough information about this product from many channels. In order to solve this problem, the multichannel marketing strategy was introduced but it was not working. That’s why, nowadays, an omnichannel marketing strategy is developed. With the help of this marketing strategy, consumers can get seamless and consistent information via various channels. The social media users, email subscribers and website visitors, all of them are getting the same information about different products or services of a company.

Email and Marketing Automation:

Email is considered as the most popular tool of marketing for a long time ago but now, the features of Email are totally different from the features of 15 years ago Email. The main feature of Email is personalization. Personalization means that you can send different Emails to different users by keeping in mind their interests. The businessmen as well as companies get an idea about the interest of the users by taking an overview of their content engagement. Personalization is not only limited to Email marketing but you can also use personalization in your other marketing strategies too. New GDPR feature of the Emails also allows you to get an idea about your happy customers. By getting an idea about your happy customers, you can also increase the sales of your products. If you want to automate the processes and send bulk emails to your subscribers, I recommend you to use EngageBay’s marketing automation software designed for this purpose.


In the past, most of the people were not able to watch the traditional content of TV on their mobile devices. Now, this trend is completely changed and the people can easily get access to traditional content with the help of their fingerprints through smartphones. According to the report of Cisco, it is estimated that more than 82% of the traffic on the internet will come from videos till 2021. Therefore, these videos are also considered as the best digital advertising techniques for companies. The best video sharing platform for the purpose of advertising the products of a company are Youtube, NetFlix, Facebook watch and Amazon Prime Video etc.

Native Advertising:

Native advertising is one of the most popular digital advertising techniques for companies. There are some websites which show native ads of different companies. These native ads are different from pop-up ads. Its reason is that pop-up ads are blocked with the help of the ad blockers. On the other hand, native ads are not blocked by using an ad blocker. Almost all the websites are using pop up ads and some people don’t like to see these ads. That’s why in the USA, more than 30% of internet users are using ad blockers. In order to show these ads to all internet users, native advertising is the best choice for you.

User-generated Content:

With the help of the user-generated content, you show to your prospects that how your customers are using your products. This technique of digital marketing has two advantages over other digital marketing techniques. First, it is the best way to convince the prospects because you are advertising your products with the help of your customers. According to Bazaarvoice, the user-generated content has impacted the buying decisions of almost 84% millionaires and 70% of boomers. Secondly, it is a free advertising technique because you are advertising your products with the help of your customers.

Pay Per Click Marketing:

It is also an essential marketing technique for the products of the companies. With the help of this technique, you are increasing the traffic of your website with the help of search engines. With the help of PPC, the companies can avail different offers. First of all, they allow the companies to reach to their customers at the right time with the help of right ads. Secondly, you have to pay only when interested people click on your ads. Thirdly, they also provide control to limit your spending. Fourthly, this advertising technique is considered as one of the most effective and sharp technique to advertise your products. In other words, you can get quick results with the help of this advertising technique.

Television Advertisements:

Television is considered as a powerful mode to communicate with millions of people at a time. Therefore, TV is also an essential mode to place the ads for your products. During prime time hours, if you place ads for your products, it will reach millions of people. TV ads are also considered as more effective than newspaper ads. As we know that TV will show the ads of our products by combining sight, sound and motion, therefore, these ads are shown to the people when they are attentive and watching their best programs. This kind of advertising will bring credibility to your business.

Chris Greenwalty
Chris Greenwalty
Chris Greenwalty is a social critic and working with a dissertation writing services provider firm. He loves to look at the changing social trends closely and criticize accordingly.


  1. My profession is Digital Marketer and working in this field for the last two years. I am using chatbots to interact with clients and also using video-sharing tools to promote my website. All are the best tactics for digital marketing. Thanks for sharing.

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