How good is the Ghost of Tsushima on PS5- PlayStation 5 Walkthrough

The latest Sucker Punch Productions game, Ghost of Tsushima, has swept away gamers with its hype. After remaining an exclusive and sensational hit on Sony PlayStation 4, gamers worldwide are psyched to try this blockbuster on PlayStation 5. 

The latest Sony machine is almost entirely designed to adopt and upgrade PS4’s library, ensuring the Ghost of Tsushima remains in the hype. Since this game’s release is still relatively recent, many payers have been unable to try it on PlayStation 5. 

I was one of the lucky few who got to try the game out on PlayStation 5, and I must say it was nothing less than incredible! Psyched? Well, read along to find out the verdict on it! 

How good is the Ghost of Tsushima on PS5?

Playing the game on PlayStation 5, one most noticeable thing was the game resolution. The PS5 provokes and 60fps at a higher 1800p resolution creating a remarkable experience for all the players.

The resolution alone creates a stark contrasting difference in playing the game on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro version. While playing on PS5, I went on to the “Legends Mode” on the game. A daring action indeed! But I wanted to see the game’s full capabilities as I had played and beat the game previously on PS4, so I was seeking an update. 

Ghost of Tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima

The optimized version of the Ghost of Tsushima is available through the “legend mode” exploiting the new PS5 controller to its full advantage. The surprising vibration accompanying various actions of the characters add up to the pleasant experience. 

While this game was genuinely sensational on PS4 alone, playing Ghost of Tsushima on PlayStation 5 is a novel experience!

Ghost of Tsushima- an overview

Ghost of Tsushima is a remarkable comeback by Sucker Punch Productions after almost seven years off the surface. Sucker Punch Productions has a reputation for providing some of the best PlayStation games, such as “Infamous.”

Here is a quick overview for those who are probably unaware of what this incredible game has to offer.

What is the Story Line?

The game sets in the late 13th century when the Mongol empire destroyed entire nations in their maddening campaign to conquer the East. The Tsushima islands are the only piece of land standing between mainland Japan and the disastrous Mongol invasion. 

Ghost of Tsushima and The Tsushima island
Ghost of Tsushima and The Tsushima island

The Mongol fleet, lead by the ruthless and cunning general Khoton Khan, plunders the island in its first wave of invasion assaults leaving the samurai warrior, Jin Sakai, the lone survivor of his clan.

The story now involves a lonely, brave samurai and his resolution to protect his family and reclaim his lost home at any cost. In his quest to do so, he must let go of the traditions that have long since shaped him to be the warrior he is. Instead, Jin Sakai has to carve a new path of the Ghost and wage war to gain Tsushima’s freedom. 

The main gameplay storyline is about 25-30 hours, depending on the difficulty level and your playing style. However, this is a game that help players to cherish and enjoy every element.

The game reveals complete and detailed stories and massively pays homage to Japanese culture, tradition, and lifestyle. The game splits into three different tales, while the main story revolves around Jin’s journey. This journey is the only main story with a definitive conclusion. 

Apart from that, there is “The Tales of Tsushima”. This tale is a side quest helping users liberate the island back to its former glory. The last “tale” is the “Mythic Tale,” providing additional moves, weapons, and armor to its layers. All these are useful during the intense duels. 

Characters in the game

The leading character of the game, Jin Sakai, goes on a complicated hero journey turning him into a compelling character. Through various events in the game, he has to choose between the old way of fighting with honor like a traditional Samurai or setting aside his traditions to save his people.

Ghost of Tsushima - Jin Sakai
Ghost of Tsushima – Jin Sakai

Jin’s character development throughout the game to ultimately becoming the Ghost of Tsushima is complex and forms a compelling storyline. Apart from the main protagonist, several secondary characters play a part in creating an exciting story. 

Jin and his allies’ relationship makes gamers feel as if they are building a virtual community to take down the Mongol empire. The side character works well on their own, so the game’s main storyline goes on smoothly. 

Final Words

Ghost of Tsushima was already a very stunning game for all the PS4 users. With the latest Sony PS5, it has undoubtedly reached new heights. Playing this game on it was indeed an epic experience worth every moment!


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