Pokemon Go Vanillite Evolution – What You Need To Know!

Have you recently download the Pokemon Go mobile game and wonder what type of creature you should evolve into to have your very own Pokemon? There are several different creatures that you can get when you download the Pokemon Go mobile game. But if you are interested in getting some ice-type creatures, you should not look further than Pokemon Go Vanillite Evolution. Without wasting any time, let’s get straight to it!

Vanillite is the new feature and latest addition to the game Pokemon Go which has excited many Pokemon Go players. What exactly does this mean for those who want to obtain it? Well, this article will go over all the information you need to know about it. It evolves to Vanillish after feeding 25 candies. However, we named final evolution as “Vanilluxe”.


The truth about the Pokemon Go Vanillite evolution is that it is something that you will want to remember because of how hard it is to catch. Its base catch rate is just 10%, which is why it can become boring because new creatures have gone from hard to find to hard to catch. Also, be sure to have a blast. If you love catching Pokemon, it is going to freak you out!

This is the final chance to get Vanillite, and it can only be obtained in the special winter event. This is the second instalment of a winter event that began in December 2020. If you somehow cannot get it in this period, you will find that the Vanillite won’t appear. And if you get it during this period, you’ll still have complete research tasks and rewards to catch this creature in Pokemon Go.

Vanillite Strength:

As mentioned earlier, it is an ice-type character and can be only found in the snow, which means that it is strong against ice attacks. As compared to normal damage against ice, it receives half the amount of damage.

Vanillite Weakness:

On the other hand, the Vanillite Pokemon will not defend itself effectively against physical attacks since it is an ice-based creature. It lowers the defense and will leave you more vulnerable to fire, rock and steel moves. Some pokemon that can easily dominate against Vanillite are Reshiram, Metagross, Lucario, Chandelure and darmanitan as most of these creature’s main move is overheating.

Pokemon Go Vanillite Evolution

Let’s discuss about Pokemon Go Vanillite Evolution now:

Vanillish Pokemon:

Vanillish is an extremely powerful Psychic-type Pokemon; introduced in Generation V. We can find Vanillish in the snow and evolves from its previous evolved form, Vanillite. This Psychic-type has a wide selection of capabilities which makes it a great competitor in the Ice category. It also possesses a thick hide that slows its body’s movement but allows it to Dodge attacks.

Vanillish one of the Psychic-type creature introduced in Generation V. It can Mega Evolve into Vanilluxe at level 47. Like all Psychic-types, it is immune to all status conditions and can only be affected by ice, rock, and similar effects. Its weakness is against the rock, steel-type attacks, which is one factor that prevents it from performing well in battles. Its attack power is also low as compared to other ice types. It evolves into vanilluxe when fed 100 candies!


Vanilluxe is an extremely popular Ice-types available in the Generation V games. The reason behind its popularity is that it is that it is the final evolution of Vanillite. Besides, its defending, attack capabilities have been increased considerably! Because of this, many fans have wanted to have a Pokemon with this type. Fortunately, with the addition of many options like it can create snow almost at any place and throws blizzards from both of its mouths have made it more addicted.

While it may not be the most powerful of all the Pokemon in the game, this unique Pokemon is one of the most sought after. There are only a few of these, and they are very rare. So, if you’re looking for the rarest and most powerful Pokemon, then the answer is none other than Vanilluxe. And now, you can have this awesome Pokemon for yourself. You won’t find any other Pokemon quite like it, and if you do find a Vanilluxe, then it will become one of your most prized possessions.

To Sum Up:

All in all, Pokemon Go Vanillite Evolution offers exciting Pokemon Go experience for all including spoofing your location in Pokemon Go. This will definitely allow more fun and excitement for this release. It is not like any other evolution that we see in Pokemon Go! Who knows what the future holds for this Pokemon? One thing is for sure, though, it looks like we are going to have a lot of fun catching it in the future. So it would be a great idea for all to try it out now.

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